Scott Thorson and Michael Jackson

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1977 Aged 19 Scott Thorson claims in his palimony lawsuit against Liberace that their affair began here.

1979 In 2004 he claims he met Michael in Vegas because Michael meets Liberace, Michael was performing his Destiny tour with the Jacksons this year, and I can’t find any dates with him in Vegas.

30th June 1981 With his long term cocaine habit already spiralling out of control, Scott Thorson’s dealers were now infamous murderers: Thorson says that he was at his friend and drug dealer Eddie Nash‘s home when John Holmes was brought in and taken to another room. As described in “Scary Monsters and Super Freaks”: “At the moment that Diles barged through the door with Holmes in tow, Thorson was with Eddie in his bedroom, doing hits [of cocaine]. Thorson claimed that while he was standing in the doorway to the other room, he saw Holmes beaten severely by Nash and Diles until he confessed to his complicity in the crime, and that he identified the Wonderland gang as the perpetrators of the robbery. Thorson said Nash threatened to kill him if he told anyone what he saw, however this didn’t stop Thorson from remaining a cocaine client for Nash up until his arrest.

– February 1982Michael goes to London to work on songs with Paul MacCartney, visits with both Liberace, and Mark Lester, briefly. Scott Thorson says in his original book that Janet also came with Michael.

– April 1982 – Thorson’s relationship with Liberace ends and Liberace has him forcibly evicted from his house. In court papers Liberace says he had asked Thorson to leave because Thorson had threatened to kill him and that his cocaine habit made him “irrational and unpredictable” and that he’d wanted Thorson to seek medical help.

15th October 1982 Desperate for money to fund his drug habit and with never having had a proper job, Thorson begins a $113 million dollar palimony lawsuit against Liberace, stating he had “an intimate sexual, emotional, and business, relationship” with Liberace for 6 years and is seeking lifetime support as well as money from claims of “assault, battery, and wrongful ejection.” Thorson would later admit in court he’d lost most of his money and possessions at this time to his drug dealer, which went on through till 1988 when he was sentenced to prison.

12th May 1983 – Thorson sues The Globe, Liberace and his half brother Wayne Johnson for $12 million for an article they printed alleging he’d been a boy prostitute who’d had sex with his step father. It was dismissed.

1st March 1984 – Thorson’s palimony lawsuit against Liberace is thrown out.The judge said, “the support Scott Thorson claimed had been promised in exchange for sex amounted to a contract for prostitution, and such contracts are illegal and unenforceable.”

14th June 1984 – Thorson starts another $32 million dollar lawsuit against Liberace and Newsweek, for Liberace’s comments to Newsweek that Thorson’s previous lawsuit had been “blackmail.”

30th December 1986 – Liberace settles his lawsuit with Thorson for only $95,000.

Spring 1987 – Thorson sells his tell all book about Liberace.
From Publishers Weekly:
In 1977, the 18-year-old Thorson became “lover, friend and confidant” of the 57-year-old Liberace, a relationship that would continue until 1982. Here, with Thorleifson (coauthor of John Wayne) he relates the sorry, seamy tale of his “callous” eviction from the performer’s Las Vegas penthouse in favor of a teenager and the public brouhaha that followed when he filed a palimony suit. The book is uncomfortably candid with revelations about “Lee”who was driven to experience sexual variety with younger males, even as he continued to publicly deny his homosexuality and Thorson’s protestations that he was unfairly branded a street hustler by the tabloid press. Although the acrimonious suit was ultimately settled (the provisions were kept secret), Thorson notes that he has written this memoir because “I need the money.” His bitterness at Liberace, who died of AIDS in 1987, lessens at the end of the book, and with back-handed gratitude he concludes: “Leaving Lee . . . may have saved my life.”…5920662&sr =8-1

Rodger Jacobs, a journalist who befriended Thorson later on what happened to Thorson’s money from this book, “Shortly before the book was released, just as he was about to embark on a nationwide publicity jaunt, the FBI appeared and whisked Thorson away into the witness protection program for his testimony against Eddie Nash in the state’s prosecution of the mobster for the Wonderland murders. The book’s publisher, in the interim, declared bankruptcy and Scott never laid his fingertips on a dime from the slim handful of units that sold.”

1987 Scott Thorson and four other men stage an armed robbery, robbing a couple of their money and cocaine. Thorson pleads guilty to this in July 1988 and is setenced to 3 years in prison for this in July 1988.

Plea deal in 1990 case –

After having witnessed his drug dealer Gregory DeWitt Niles beat up porn star John Holmes during a drug deal Thorson was involved in in 1981, he makes a plea deal in that murder trial to have his own sentenced lessened if he helps with their case:

Over the years, Scott Thorson remained friends with Nash although his own life had been threatened.  Thorson had broken up with Liberace and experienced drug problems.  He claims to have lost most of his possessions to Nash in exchange for drugs.  When the state of California eventually brought murder charges against Eddie Nash, Thorson made a deal with the District Attorney to have unrelated criminal charges from his drug related armed robbery dropped in exchange for his testimony.

Nash’s 1990 trial ended when the jury hung on a vote of eleven to one.  Later, it would be alleged Nash had bribed the holdout.

Thorson entered the Federal Witness Protection Program but later left it.

According to records, Thorson says “I don’t recall” to most questions.

November 20th 1991 – Scott Thorson is shot three times by Melvin Jerome Owen during an armed robbery at his motel room, with suspicions it was related to a drug deal as “evidence of drug use” was found in Thorson’s room.

– 2002

Speaking about his relationship with Liberace, Thorson claims he is actually heterosexual and living with a woman, and that he has never had any homosexual relationships outside of Liberace:

Scott Thorson on Larry King Live on August 12, 2002

KING: Did you ever have other homosexual relationships?
KING: No. You did not.
KING: He [Liberace] was the only one.
THORSON: He was the only one.

2004With the grand jury for the Jackson case ongoing, Scott Thorson, in dire need of money again because of his huge long term drug problem, sells a story to the National Enquirer  for thousands of dollars claiming he had a gay affair with Michael Jackson.

He claims here that he’d only met Michael in 1979 through Liberace, when they were both about 21 years old.

Thorson claimed the affair was only a few months and that this love affair of the ages ended with Michael because of his claims that Michael had an addiction to child porn; when Neverland was raided in 1993 and then again in 2003 – both occasions in which Michael was not in Neverland or even Los Angeles at the time – they could only find women only/heterosexual/lesbian porn in magazines and on computers dating back to 1991. 

Because of this he willingly offers himself up as a witness for the 2005 prosecution; the prosecution seem to have wisely decided to stay away from him.

The journalist who sold the story here, Rodger Jacobs, says of him at this time:

“And so here was Scott Thorson in the year 2004, calling yours truly from his home in Falmuth, Maine, flat broke and disabled, in chronic, horrendous pain from a botched murder attempt and an even more botched plastic surgery mandated by a demented and narcissistic celebrity, hoping that I would serve as his conduit for another lucrative laundry airing.

“Our mutual friend tells me that you’re the man,” Thorson said.

“He said that if you can’t sell this story, no one can.”

I had no tangible assets to speak of, no credit cards, no personal vehicle, no savings account, and maybe a hundred bucks in my checking account. As a freelance writer for over ten years, I had hit a bad stretch of road.

“But I need a lot of money. I’m totally tapped out after paying for the spinal surgery and the IRS has put a lien on my bank account. I’m really fucked.”

Published April 15, 2004

Thorliefson told Roger Friedman about her out-of-print book. “Scott knew Michael for a number of years starting in 1979. In the book, he speaks of Michael and Janet coming to Liberace’s house in Vegas to swim. They couldn’t use a hotel public pool. “In the book, there is no reference to anything other than a close friendship,” Thorliefson said.

Rodger Jacobs on what happened to Scott just after this: “I lost all the money, Rodger,” Scott wept into the telephone one morning just days after his Enquirer confession hit supermarket news stands. He had recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, he explained, and the government seized his proceeds from the Enquirer sale mere moments after he deposited the check into his personal account – this is what happens when the chemicals that fuel greed, bad luck, and stupidity are mixed in the same test tube.
Thorson was feral. He had no resources to fall back on after his brief windfall crumbled to dust. He began phoning me several times a day, often under the influence of God- knows-what narcotics that slurred his speech so badly he sounded like a drunken drag queen doing a bad impression of Liberace. Scott offered me more mud to sell about forgotten Las Vegas entertainers and yesterday’s movie and TV stars, most of the stories involving sexual scandal of one shape or form, trivia I never wanted to know, trivia I carry in my head to this day like a lingering hangover five years after the party that, in retrospect, didn’t seem like a good idea at the time anyway.

December 2008 – Sentenced to two years in prison for possession of meth and robbery. Journalist Rodger Jacobs says:

“In December 2008 Scott Thorson made a plea deal with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in California. He admitted to possessing methamphetamine and driving under the influence in August 2008, and possessing methamphetamine for sale in March of 2008. He also pled guilty to multiple theft charges: $827.60 in groceries from an Albertson’s Market in Palm Springs in April 2007; $171.21 in groceries from a Stater Brothers store in La Quinta in July 2007; and a theft from a La Quinta Target store in December 2006.

In exchange for his plea, the Riverside D.A.’s Office reduced the charges to meth possession with intent to sell and one charge of theft from a hardware store incident in California’s Coachella Valley. He will serve two years in California state prison.

2012: In his new revised version of events he claims he was 16 when he and Michael first began an affair and is claiming that Jackson had sexually abused him when he was under age. He had originally claimed he was 19 when he met Liberace, so he could not have been 16 when he met Michael, as he had only met Michael because of Liberace, as Thorson admitted himself.

He had also previously claimed in the original 2004 paid for National Enquirer interview where he came up with this story that he’d only met Michael in 1979, when they were both about 21 years old.

Thorson is actually five months older than Michael so even if he wanted to claim they had some kind of sexual contact when Thorson was under age, it would have been Thorson sexually abusing Jackson, and not the other way around.

Quick edit after the ET show has aired: It seems that after fans had contacted ET about how his version of events is impossible that the portion of the interview where Scott made such a shocking claim was not aired. The aired portion now includes Thorson’s claims to have been “best friends” with Michael (it would seem everyone who held an umbrella for Jackson once in his life is now his “best friend”) and says their relationship “crossed” boundaries, and that was all he was comfortable saying, because he says, Michael is not alive to defend himself.

Why would Michael need to defend himself from something if it was truthful?

He says he’s working on a follow up book to his 1988 story which is currently being made into a HBO movie starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon – his original 1988 book came about because he was desperate financially, as he admitted in the book,  and yet his  love affair with Michael was not mentioned there, or mentioned again in his 2002 Larry King interview, nor did he make himself available to the prosecution in 1993. It is only when he needed money desperately in 2004, according to the person who sold the story for him, as he was strung out on drugs and homeless at the time, and Michael’s trial was ongoing in the media that he decided to exploit that situation, knowing full well his story would never be addressed in court or anywhere else. He offered himself to the prosecution, who realized his story would be easy to counter with his own words in testimony about Liberace, his own words in his original book, his own words to Larry King in 2002 and his own words in 2004, where he changed the story and timelines again.

If he addresses this story in his future book, it’ll be interesting to see what revisions have been made to all his 1988/2002/2004/2012 stories; I suspect creative uses of timelines and history will abound.

June 7th 2013 – Seems I was right about Thorson’s creative use of timelines in any future story. He’s now sold another story to The Sun about Jackson after being released on bail awaiting sentencing in regards to yet another robbery committed in order to obtain money for drugs, where he now claims he dated Jackson for “six years”, something it seems he failed to remember in any other previous account, including his brief moment of sobriety in 2002 when he admitted Liberace had been his only homosexual experience. As has been stated, he could only have possibly known MJ from 1979-1982, which is 4 years maximum, and Jackson was busy touring and recording throughout almost all of this, only having met Liberace just a few times. Thorson claims this relationship took place in the 70s around “Thriller”, which is interesting, seeing as Thorson was kicked out of Liberace’s home in March 1982 – which is months before Thriller was released, and anyone who pays any attention should know Jackson didn’t have an album called Thriller in the 70s.

Perhaps if he could stick to telling the truth he wouldn’t have to remember anything, but if he could stick to being truthful he probably wouldn’t be doing his 5th stint behind bars.

June 13 2013 – With one month out of prison before he gets chucked in for his fifth spell in July, Thorson is doing a huge PR tour through various outlets – the View, Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern, Lamont and Tonneli — about his torrid ever changing affair with Jackson.

He makes different claims in these various interviews, in one he says that they met in the mid 70s and started dating in 1982 and broke up in 1985. So this six year affair was reduced to 3, then in another just days later he claims it began in 1977 (I think it’s interesting he keeps circling around the same dates/years as his actual relationship with Liberace – 6 years through 1977-1982, it’s as though he wants to use real dates/years with the likely only gay relationship he’s ever had as the basis of which to work with Jackson). He claims he went on tour with Jackson as he did his Victory European tour – Jackson never toured Europe with Victory during this time period. He claims he and Jackson broke up because after Thriller his handlers felt it wouldn’t be good for MJ. Thriller was released in 1982, not 1985, so their relationship would’ve ended there, 1985 Thriller had been out for 3 years. Previously he’d claimed it was Jackson’s “addiction” to child porn which ended their love affair and then also that Jackson had sexually abused him when he was under age even though he is older than Jackson — but now he defends Jackson against the charges claiming he was not a pedophile. He claims Jackson wanted to offer him a job but doesn’t say under what capacity, and claims he was even there when Jackson’s hair caught fire, something I’m sure will surprise everyone who was there, and also happened 2 years after Thriller’s release. He claims “they had a great time doing Thriller together”, which I’m sure all of Jackson’s engineers will someday attest to, and I’m sure Scott had a great role in that album, perhaps on a song nobody’s heard of. I’m guessing Scott has forgotten how Liberace had to forcibly kick him out of his house because of his huge drug use in 1982 – and how during this period he was almost essentially homeless as he tried desperately to get money from his very public palimony lawsuit with Liberace. All sounds like a very busy time for him and for Jackson, who was at the height of any career in any musician’s history (Thriller was selling one million copies a week during a lot of 1982-1984), so it was nice of Jackson to stick around with him and yet odd that he never tried getting him a home or any help…. through 1974, 1977, 1979, 1982, 1985, or whatever version of events he is now claiming to have.

He also claims that Jackson had a “small” penis.


I’m just saying is all.

June 5 2013 – Still exploiting Michael Jackson and his suicidal children on the anniversary of their father’s death after having been exposed as a liar, fantasist and being Arnold Klein’s admitted “scrotum washer” (as he declared in his own lawsuit against Klein), Jason Pfeiffer is now attempting to both reach out to Mark Lester and Scott Thorson.
If in the future their stories manage to start running into each other – perhaps Pfeiffer will claim Jackson suddenly now professed his old long lost love for Thorson to him at one point during his ever changing storyline too (and also when Pfeiffer was dating another man), at least we can see where this beautiful friendship between one meth addict and 5th time felon and a self professed scrotum washer began.
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