Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket’s Biology

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Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Even journalists like CNN’s Alan Duke have acknowledged the resemblance.

– October 19th 1999 – Matt Fiddes stages a show at his martial arts center using a Michael Jackson impersonator, but someone reports to the press that it was Michael, “When asked why Jackson would have a yen for Barnstaple, Regan surmised, “Michael is keen on karate, and it could be [him] because world martial arts champion Matt Fiddes is friends with Uri Geller, and Geller is friends with Michael.”  It was a claim his people denied, as he had been in Los Angeles the entire time. It turned out to be the MJ impersonator Navi.

– March 4-7th 2001 – Michael flies in to London to give a speech at Oxford University, Matt claims he first works for Michael here, though there is no proof of this.

– June 11th-18th 2002 – (Blanket has already been born) Michael flies in to London and Uri Geller asks his friend Matt Fiddes to work as one of Michael’s bodyguards during the Exeter City event. Michael was not his employer and did not pay him, Fiddes wanted to work for Michael for free, as Matt has said himself. (Geller famously sold his friend Michael Jackson to Martin Bashir for a reported $200,000k.).

During his speech Michael gives thanks to David Blaine, Patti Boulaye, Uri Geller and then has to be reminded what Matt Fiddes name was.

– August 22nd 2002 In an article about Michael’s July visit to London, Uri Geller says that Michael generously bought toys for Matt Fiddes’ children: “I was with him in the toy department when a bodyguard mentioned his two step-children – that guy is a world champion kick-boxer, with the muscles to match the belts, but it took him three trips to get all his packages down to the cars. Somewhere in Devon, two kids own every fragment of Star Wars merchandise on the market.”

– January 16th 2008 Sells a story to The Sun about his friendship with Michael, using one of the public photos MJ took with him back in 2002. Although Uri Geller had said it had taken 3 shopping trips to take the stuff Michael had bought Matt’s children home in 2002, Matt claims here that his kids only, “came home with just a few bits and pieces.”

– 11th August 2008 Matt Fiddes sues his friend Tito Jackson over a loan he claims he gave Tito of $20,000k, claiming Tito still owes him, “£12,051.20.” Tito can’t even keep the 20 pence, Matt?

– November 2008 – The documentary “The Jacksons Are Coming” is aired, featuring the Jackson family visiting the UK and considering buying a home in Devon, England. Matt Fiddes makes himself available as a local guide on the basis of his previous tenuous association with MJ. Reports on the doc from the Daily Mail: “Tito recalls: ‘Matt started to get in more and more shots, and didn’t want this or that person to be involved because it would take away from his screen time. ‘Jane Preston, the documentary-maker, wanted to show the public what it was like to be me without the showbusiness and the bodyguards, but he wanted to do all that because it got him camera time with his boys wearing his karate jackets. Everything he did was to get publicity.” Certainly, the documentary appears to back Tito’s side of the story, particularly when it emerges, during the course of filming, that Matt was engineering press opportunities during their stay.”

– 22nd November 2008 – Tito Jackson responds to Matt Fiddes’ lawsuit against him, “Some people want to be seen in your company and want to piggyback on your 40 years of hard work. I was supposed to have been godfather to two of his kids, but I cancelled that, because I can’t be a godfather if I can’t even get along with the father.”

-June 2009 Matt sells stories to the tabloids about Michael’s addiction to drugs, saying he and Uri Geller were forced out of Michael’s world because of this. In reality, Michael had cut off contact with Uri after he had been the one to sell him on to Bashir, and as Matt was only a friend to Uri, Michael no longer needed to use him as an umbrella holder on his London visits. Michael returned to the UK in 2006 and 2009 and Matt Fiddes was nowhere to be seen either time. It should also be noted at this time that if he believed Michael to be such a drug addict, why would he not be concerned about Blanket Jackson’s safety around Michael?

– 6th July 2009 – In an article in People magazine where it’s reported that Katherine has banned MJ hanger-ons from attending the memorial, Matt coincidentally says that he and Uri Geller did not receive any invites to the MJ Memorial. “among those yet to receive invites are Uri Geller and UK bodyguard Matt Fiddes. Matt said: “We haven’t received any tickets yet in the UK. I’m hearing it’s the same for many of Michael’s friends here.”

-19th July 2009 – Matt Fiddes speaks to, where he says MJ spoke often of death and dying and had considered freezing himself or having a clone made using his sperm.  “Eventually when he realised these choices were not likely to be available to him in his own life time he did mention freezing his sperm. He liked the idea that in theory his ‘life force’ could be around for hundreds of years and be released at the flick of a switch.”

– 9th August 2009 Matt goes on Sky News to back up Mark Lester’s story about being Paris’ father (Paris says she is biracial and Michael’s daughter; Lester also previously gave an interview in 2001 where he had said he had not spoken to MJ since the 80s before they got back in touch through Geller in 2001, Paris was conceived in 1997; Mark Lester’s then wife has confirmed Lester’s story is a lie and denounced him in the press, calling him “completely nuts”).  Incidentally, Uri Geller is good friends with Mark Lester, Matt Fiddes, Shmuley Boteach, Deepak Chopra and was the one who introduced MJ to Bashir for a fee. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that so many who went on to exploit their association with MJ are all associated with Geller and each other. No mention of him being the father of Blanket here.

– 28th Jan 2010Matt Fiddes alleges the Jacksons move to Devon was a “stunt”, but is forced to admit that, “he was instrumental in concocting the bogus story, which he claims was intended to earn Tito money and help revive his career.”

– 4th April 2010 Someone asks MJ’s bodyguards — who worked for Michael from 2007-2009, including on his visits to Vegas and London — on facebook what their thoughts were on Matt Fiddes; they can be added to the list of people who did not know who he was.

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

– 10th June 2010 – Matt is ordered to pay Channel 4’s legal costs of $14,000

– 22nd June 2010 The day before his trial was due to begin, he drops his lawsuit against Channel 4 because, Fiddes “had submitted what he claimed to be “a highly relevant and significant document” to the court. He claimed that the new evidence had only recently been discovered, but the defendants alleged that the document was a forgery, leading to Fiddes withdrawing his fakery allegations and the case collapsing.”

He was forced to admit that he, “publicly acknowledges that the programme was not “faked” as he has previously claimed and has today withdrawn his allegations of malice.” Mr Bellamy said Channel 4 would not chase Mr Fiddes for its £1.7 million cost because, they said, the self professed millionaire would “simply not be in a position to pay”. Stephen Lambert, chief executive of the documentary production company, described Fiddes as “vainglorious” and “a fame-seeking fantasist”. Ms Preston said that Fiddes’s “smears and scurrilous accusations” had devastated her professional life and career for nearly two years.

Katherine Jackson released a statement in which she said: “‘Fiddes tried to pretend that he was a close friend of my son Michael, but when I spoke to Michael about him, he could not remember who he was. The whole family was deeply upset by the interviews he gave shortly after Michael’s death, which no friend would have done.’

“After that, Fiddes wrote to my son Tito and said that if we gave evidence against him on behalf of Jane and the others, then we would regret it. We decided we were going to come and tell the truth about him anyway. You have to stand up to people like this.”

– 25th September 2010 Matt Fidde’s publicist Max Markson (who claims Matt was there when Michael held Blanket over a balcony in Germany in 2002 – Matt was not there) tweets to his followers:

“Lol!! @Mario_Pettinato. It could be a big Michael Jackson week this week !!! Go google MATT FIDDES …he’ll be in Sydney+Melb this week! 1:40 AM Sep 25th

@Mario_Pettinato I think it’ll be the other way round ! He’ll need my protection by the time he gets here !!”

This is interesting considering that Matt claims he was forced into coming forward.

– 26th September 2010 Matt Fiddes sells his story to News Of The World, where he claims to be Blanket Jackson’s father. He claims he was offered £500,000 ($1,000,000) by Michael for his precious “athletic” seed, but that he turned it down. I’m sure he turned down all payments for selling these stories too, what a guy. Matt claims it was Mark Lester who told Matt he was the father of Blanket in 2003. Matt says here he has no concrete evidence to prove he is the father and that Michael never told him that he was. He says that Michael only asked for his sperm after he heard that Matt was infertile (infertile men are always at the top of my list when it comes to sperm donors), and that Michael was only going to use this sperm to test it for Matt (so why claim he offered him money? Who pays someone to have their sperm tested for them? Was Michael hoping it would lead to an important cancer break through?). He’s suggesting here that Michael stole his sperm and used it himself. He claims he visited a hotel in London 3 times in March/April 2001 to have his sperm tested (yes, he seems to believe this is how it’s done) – Michael was not in London in April 2001. He says that he and Mark Lester are planning on launching a case for custody against the Jacksons if Katherine passes, so that they can have custody over Michael’s biological children.

– 26th September 2010 Michael’s make up artist Karen Faye says of Matt on her twitter,I am repulsed by this man. He has run to the tabloids since the moment I met him in 2002. Him and Uri Geller creep me out.”

 – 27th September 2010 Sells his story to TMZ where he claims that he was forced to come forward because documents from his channel 4 lawsuit, which did not involve either Blanket or Michael, let alone any personal details relating to the Jacksons at all, revealed that he was the father. I wonder if it was those documents he was alleged to have forged himself? Keep this in mind, because at this point he is now claiming he has legal proof about this, while at the same time also stating that “as far as I am concerned, Michael Jackson is the father,” and that, “If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael’s children.” He adds, “I don’t want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private.” That was a quick custody battle.

To prove that this is a matter he is being forced into, he generously supplies TMZ with a photo of himself as a child for them to compare against Blanket:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

As TMZ reports, “ehh…”

They asked their viewers if there was a resemblance to which they responded:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

He also says,  “I’ve seen pictures of Blanket in a karate suit with a ponytail, which is the sort of thing Michael would do, he’s a joker, y’know, and things, and he likes to create things and create perfection.” It should be noted that Blanket Jackson was only seen wearing a karate outfit after Michael Jackson had passed away, so Michael had nothing to do with playing any practical jokes on anyone. Also should be noted that ponytail’s aren’t a genetic trait. Matt says, “And I’ve had to come clean to my friends when I realized the story was going to break so I lied to them and denied it to protect Michael’s privacy that I donated sperm.” He had to come clean so then he lied to them? Is he telling on himself here? And then finally, any reasons to make these claims? “I’ve got no reasons to make any claims on that.” What happened to the court docs? To Mark Lester telling him? To those 3 occasions where he jerked off into a cup for a doctor in a hotel room in London?

– 10th October 2010-  In a statement released on his own website, he once again asserts that he was forced to come forward because of court documents.

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Which court case? Which documents? Which national paper? Alleged forged documents relating to him being a “fame seeking fantasist” in the Channel 4 case that didn’t involve Michael? Documents where he has petitioned for a DNA test? Does he realize what would be involved in such a petition? Strange that The News Of The World, TMZ or any other news site that he has spoken to of his own volition has ever mentioned, heard, or leaked these documents. It’s because these documents do not exist.

He says once again on words on his own website, “I have never said I am Blanket Jacksons father, nor has Michael told me this, the only person he confirmed it to is Mark Lester his best friend.” His defense for why Katherine said Michael did not know who he was is, “Sadly Katherine Jackson does not know the history between Michael and myself as was due to watch 90 mins of private footage of Michael and I supplied by my best friend Uri Geller. As bodyguards changed in 2001 and I first got to know her in 2008.” 90mins of Michael standing under your umbrella (eh eh eh) in 2002 sound riveting. Forget Kath, I’m sure if Michael had seen this footage he would have remembered who you were, too.

– 17th November 2010 – Matt Fiddes sells a story claiming that in 2 months (January 2011) he will be flying out to California to take a DNA test with Mark Lester in order to establish that they are the father’s of Michael’s biological children. This threat never materializes.

– 3rd December 2010 Matt sells another story about Michael, this time claiming that the stress of putting himself forward as Blanket Jackson’s delusional father caused him to take an overdose of the same drugs Michael died from and that they were found in Michael’s body. Touching story, except Michael Jackson did not die from Soma tablets, none were found in his body or in his possession, and none has ever been associated with him. The most amusing aspect of this story is that he claims he was prescribed 5 of these tablets by a Michael Jackson doctor (naturally, I’m sure it’s the same one he jacked off to) in 2002 and he’d stored them 8 years before finally using them. Soma aka Carisoprodol has a shelf life of 2 years, so I’d be curious as to what effects a drug that had expired 6 years before could do to a person, but maybe Matt could share that with us sometime.

– 10th February 2012 Matt sends out a press release gushing about his new secret relationship with Z-list celeb Bianca Gascoigne. He claims once again that it was something they’d kept private but that it had been forced into the public domain. The papers were so amused by his press release, they released it on twitter.

He obsessively tweets about this relationship to “friends” and journalists for days, as well as obviously referencing his best friend Michael Jackson and the lesser I-haven’t-jizzed-in-a-cup-for-you-friends, Mark Lester and Uri Geller:

Matt Fiddes
@@AuraMayfair great club, n great security!Too much paparazzi! Bianca Gascoigne is used to it!I am used to pushing paps from Michael Jackson!
Matt Fiddes
@AuraMayfair best night out I had, thanks Jack Tweed n Bianca, amazing club! The UK’s top martial artist,n Amir top boxer in same club! Odd!
Matt Fiddes
@AuraMayfair Jack told me great things about your club and he is right! Amazing place! Made a change from Devon clubs n Neverland! Lol!
Matt Fiddes
@AmirKingKhan hey Amir, saw u in Aura on Wedbesday, I was with Bianca Gascoigne, sorry I never say hi, a we both at the top of our game!
Matt Fiddes
@BGascoigneFans I talked about this with B and I think we are going to do a kickboxing fitness DVD for xmas, she wants to do one, me too!
Matt Fiddes
@Ed_StarOnSunday rather do CNN then the jungle! Which has been offered to me and Mark Lester
Matt Fiddes
@Ed_StarOnSunday big brither qnt the truth on Nichaek Jackson,me Mark and maybe Uri Geller will doi it!
Matt Fiddes
@Ed_StarOnSunday fantasic! Bianca and should be ibit,b they akways wants jacksons gossip so me and Mark Lester would be right up for ir Ed!
Matt Fiddes
She has the Paul Gascoigne legacy hanging over her,just like I do MJ, n Uri Geller was very happy!
Matt Fiddes
Why would we not work? We both had unusual upbringings with me n MJ n my success,n her n Paul Gascoigne as a father. We never asked for fame
Matt Fiddes
No its not about the money,she never asked for a penny, she is thrusted into the limelight like me

Throughout all this Bianca Gascoigne fails to acknowledge him once, although she did manage to tweet: “@BiancaGascoigne #TEAMSINGLE

It seems their love affair of the ages has ended as Matt has removed “boyfriend to Bianca Gascoigne” on his twitter bio (yes, he really did this). I guess they both succumbed to the pressures of their legacies, but I do sure hope they still get together for that Christmas fitness DVD.

On his twitter he also said that he was selling a hat MJ had given him and donating the proceeds to charity, but then a few posts later says that the proceeds will go towards his own children:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity
Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

– 15th April 2012 Matt is seen tweeting journalists and anchors over a story he wishes to sell about his “12 year” relationship with his “friend” Michael Jackson.

It’s amazing how 2 days spent carrying someone’s umbrella ten years ago can seem like a third of someone’s life.

– 18th April 2012 Once again, Matt sells a story to the Daily Star claiming that he is Blanket’s father and is demanding a DNA test and visitation rights. He claims now that Michael had told him he was the father in 2002 after he had held Blanket over the balcony (an event to which Matt was not present for, except perhaps in spirit), “I sat there and asked the question: “Is Blanket my child?” He said: “He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him.”, I’ll requote his own words from News Of The World just 2 years earlier: I never asked Michael if Blanket was mine and he never told me.” And again on his own website 2 years ago, “I have never said I am Blanket Jacksons father, nor has Michael told me this, the only person he confirmed it to is Mark Lester his best friend.”  He claims that he is going to fly out to LA in June to go ahead with all of this, and is now obsessively tweeting the Jackson family, including Michael’s children.

Matt then proceeds to tweet links to all articles referencing this story on his twitter:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity
Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

I’m sure that’s a normal reaction to such a private intrusive story about your long lost child.

Also interesting considering he’d previously declared this to be an account about his martial arts work:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity
Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Though, it doesn’t stop him from again keeping his young martial arts students updated about his love life right after that, on April 21st, claiming he is dating Moniqe Foxx, a South African model who coincidentally shares the same PR agent Matt does:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity
Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

– 18th April 2012- Matt Fidde’s ex girlfriend, Carly Galliford, launches an attack on Matt on twitter, saying he admitted to lying about being Blanket’s father to her, and had referred to the scheme as a “money maker.”

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity
Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Australia is where Matt first launched his media trip about this story in 2010.

– How do we know Carly is his ex-girlfriend? He says so himself:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Martin Hewlett responds and shares that he has also been physically and legally threatened by Matt:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Martin Hewlett is a Taekwondo instructor who Matt had directed his attention towards on the 22nd of June 2011, demanding a “no rules cage fight” between the two to settle their differences, even though he admits they don’t know each other:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

Martin took that to mean “he wants to beat me up, a clear pre-meditated act of violence.” Which is an interesting position to take for Matt who advocates an anti-bullying campaign, NoMoreBull.

Also interesting are his denials of drug use, when he has previously admitted publicly in a story to having taken the muscle-relaxant Carisoprodol 6 months prior to this. Maybe one of the side effects of that expired drug is memory loss.

I highly anticipate this book and documentary starring him, I’m sure they’re working on the finishing touches right now.

– 21st April 2012 He reveals the reason why he felt this was something he could lie about, he believes that Michael’s children aren’t “black” enough to be his, and therefore he could exploit them as he likely believed nobody would be able to tell him any different. As well as now claiming that MJ was infertile:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

That he thinks saying this is some kind of defense is pretty damning.

I guess Matt didn’t hear that Michael’s autopsy proved he was actively producing sperm at the time of his death:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

The story that he was infertile came from an ex-boyfriend of Arnold Klein’s, Paul Gohranson, in a story he had sold before the autopsy was made public, proving him to be another liar too.

What’s most interesting about this, is that on the 19th of July 2009, Matt claimed Michael had spoken to him about freezing his sperm for future use. “Eventually when he realised these choices were not likely to be available to him in his own life time he did mention freezing his sperm. He liked the idea that in theory his ‘life force’ could be around for hundreds of years and be released at the flick of a switch.” As well as: “When and where he might have frozen his sperm only a chosen few would know.” Suggesting he is one of the chosen few with knowledge about this. No mention of fertility problems there.

Michael’s daughter Paris with Blanket last year:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity, Paris Jackson, Blanket Jackson, biracial

Does Matt, who claims to have been so close to MJ through the last 10 years, not recall meeting Michael’s biracial cousins, like Anthony Jackson?

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity, Anthony Jackson

Is Matt Anthony’s father too, perhaps?

Paris’ comments about whether or not she is mixed race:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity, Paris Jackson, biracial

– 21st April 2012 Jackie Jackson’s daughter Brandi Jackson tweets:

Brandi Jackson, Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

In response Matt says:

Brandi Jackson, Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

For anyone who is unaware, as Matt obviously is, Brandi Jackson was the star of Michael’s LA Gear Commercial, can be seen sat with him in his 2300 Jackson Street video, starred in Black Or White with him, was with him on the set of Remember The Time and modeled with him in the LA Gear print commercials. She can also be heard picking up the phone for him here.

Michael Jackson, Brandi Jackson, Matt Fiddes

Michael and Brandi and the “few times” they met.

Now Matt’s claiming to have “practically lived” with Michael for 10 years.

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

A couple of days spent holding his umbrella for free have turned into 10 years of practically living with him and nobody else in his life knowing about it. I wonder if he was the fan that Michael’s real bodyguards have said was caught living in Mike’s kitchen one time.

Is he saying that court proceedings are already under way which is why he’s speaking about it?

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

No court documents relating to this have ever been filed, there are no court reporters who have reported about this, it is only public because Matt has sold stories claiming this is happening when it is not. If there’s any doubt about how easy it is to sell a story on Jackson; Fiddes is it.

Executive TV Producer Jodi Gomes, who is a long time friend of the Jacksons and produced their reality TV series in 2009 as well as their 1992 TV series, also tweeted:

Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket's Biology, Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, paternity

– 24th April 2012 – Daily Star reports on how world martial arts expert Matt has told them that he has had to hire a bodyguard after a mob of supposedly 50 fans showed up outside his door this weekend, forcing him inside. I would’ve called the police if some 50 odd people turned up outside my door and not The Daily Star, but perhaps that’s just me.

I also suggest he hire a full time bodyguard to restrain all the Daily Mail, News Of The World, TMZ, Daily Star and The Sun reporters who obviously camp outside his door all year for these intimate scoops he claims he does not leak himself and are the cause of such unwanted attention.

– 27th April 2012 – A user by the name of “Ladycowbag” releases these messages on twitter.  It seems that on April 1st of this year, Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes issued Matt Fiddes with a non harassment order by Westmidland Police. According to a message she sent Fiddes’ lawyer, she states that Matt had contacted her over the possibility of her working as the face of his ladies brand, on the agreement that she consent to acting as if they were a couple in public. She states that after the alleged abusive messages she has received, she is concerned over the safety of herself and her son, believing that he is not safe to be around children.

This is the abusive message she allegedly received from Matt, where he refers to her 2 year old son as “pig ugly”, threatens to “finish her for good” and says he will bring her to her “knees.”

Matt Fiddes, Blanket Jackson, Chanelle Hayes, paternity

If Matt does indeed attempt to seek any kind of custody, visitation, or just attempts to speak to Blanket via the Jacksons, I’m sure these alleged messages will be of concern to everyone involved.

– 29th April 2012 Claiming he needs to finally get this off his chest, Matt Fiddes sells another story about his best friend Michael Jackson to The Sun. To begin with Matt alleges that Michael had met Whitney in 1991 where they had embarked on a 2 week love affair at Neverland but that Michael had been upset after finding out that she had already slept with his brother, Jermaine. Whitney was a guest as Michael was honored at the United Negro College Fund in 1988, so we know they at least met 3 years earlier. In fact in 1991 Whitney was already seeing Bobby Brown. In a book that he released last year Jermaine Jackson also revealed that he had confided in Michael about his affair with Whitney as it was happening, in 1984, so Michael had already known about their affair some 7 years earlier. This story of Matt’s is actually stolen from the story David Gest had relayed recently on how Whitney had said in his documentary “The Life of an Icon” that she had wanted to marry Michael, with David also saying that Michael had once confided in him that the two had shared a kiss; Matt used this as the basis of his story in order to embellish his own around it. Perhaps he believes building his lies around other people’s truths will make it seem more credible.

Matt claims to have been there to see Whitney and Michael embrace for the last time at the MSG shows in 2001; another event to which Matt is able to recount in vivid detail even though he was not there.

Matt claims Michael was “impotent” and “could not perform in bed” in his last few years because of years of prolonged drug use; according to the coroner Michael Jackson’s body was in better health than most 50 year olds and there was no evidence in his body of prolonged exposure to drugs. According to his real actual bodyguards – who don’t know who Fiddes is – he was seeing two women at the time of his death (another truth Fiddes has incorporated into his lies), both of whom he would meet in hotels for secret rendezvous, making it seem as though certain things were functioning just fine.

He then says, “His body was also filled with needle marks from the anaesthetic drip he was on that eventually killed him.” The autopsy results have been published, Michael’s body was not “filled” with needle marks, most of the ones on his body were there because of attempts to revive him after his death.

He claims, “I saw him wandering around half-naked a lot of times on tour as we grew closer and he was in a horrific state by the end.” Matt Fiddes has never been on tour with Michael Jackson.

He claims that Michael’s “nose was held on by tape after all the operations,” a fact the autopsy results do not back up; his nose was attached to his face at the time of his death and there is no evidence it was ever unattached.

And that, “He had a room in Neverland filled with hundreds of wigs and had begged doctors dozens of times for a hair transplant. Luckily they refused because they knew his bleached skin could not handle the operation,” Michael’s scalp could not have been “bleached” even if he had wanted it done; the fact is that Michael had vitiligo and the loss of hair he suffered was because of the scalp burn and because of his discoid lupus. He had had a balloon placed into his scalp over the course of the years in order to grow the scar tissue there out (this was unsuccessful), so surgery had already repeatedly taken place already on his scalp during the years with his lightened skin, with no complications because of the vitiligo.

Now Matt claims Michael Jackson was an anti-semite — at least for a brief period before he could be “deprogrammed” — claiming that Michael even fell out with his Uri Geller for two years over this. “Once I was sat beside Michael when we were driving to Uri’s house and he asked, ‘Matt, is Uri a Jew?’ “When I told him he was, Michael flew into a rage and ranted, ‘Turn the car round now — I’m not going to some motherf***ing Jew’s house’.”   Again: Michael and Uri Geller fell out in February 2003 because Uri had sold him on to Martin Bashir. Michael could not have been shocked by Uri being a Jew later on in their friendship as Michael had known Uri was a Jew when they had met, Michael was even best man at Uri’s Jewish wedding in 2001. Uri also introduced Michael to the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and they worked on a charity together and spoke for 2 years on tapes for a possible book on topics which included Judaism; with Michael speaking on how much he respected so many of their customs and speaking fondly over the Jewish tutor he’d had as a child, Rose Fine, who he’d credited with making him a passionate reader. In Michael’s library there was also the book, “The Rest Of Us” which speaks of how Jewish people managed to overcome great difficulties. It was reported that Michael had an interest in “Nazi” movies – these movies turned out to be “Hitler’s Children,” “Nazis: Of Pure Blood— which are both anti-Nazi movies, another was a movie featuring Nazi Zombies. Michael had also married Debbie Rowe who was Jewish, which makes Michael’s own children half-Jewish, and was best friends with the Jewish convert Elizabeth Taylor. It seems Matt has based his story on that original tabloid regarding movie rentals, and like most of his efforts, he failed to look any deeper into it before he repeated it as his own story. Or perhaps this is the version of events that Uri and Matt wish to use to now explain as to why Michael cut Uri out of his life in 2003, instead of the reality.

He claims he is doing all of this to be “acknowledged as the real father” of Blanket Jackson. Yes, I’m sure Blanket and the Jacksons are just dying to hang out with you after this loving story to your impotent, bald, anti-semite and thankfully-dead-and-can’t-sue-me-for-my-endless-slander friend.

1st of May Michael’s Rabbi friend, Shmuley Boteach angrily responds to Fiddes’ piece, calling the idea that Michael was a Nazi sympathizer an attempt at “character assassination”, “desecrates his memory” and is a “fabrication & lie.”

– 29th April 2012 – In the past Matt has tweeted Michael’s former assistant (from mid 1999-2003) Frank Cascio several times alleging that they were friends and had worked together with Michael:

With no response from Frank until now:

29th April 2012 – While in South Africa, Matt Fiddes and his girlfriend (who conveniently shares the same PR agent) Moniqe Foxx sell stories about Michael Jackson and Blanket to the local papers, specifically on how Moniqe is willing to be the mother to “Wacko Jacko’s” son.

Sidenote : These newspaper clippings weren’t posted by fans, they were posted by Richard Curson on his twitter. Who is Richard? He is the agent that Moniqe and Matt conveniently happen to share.

Citypress quotes, But he took a break from court battles last week and came to visit his girl,” – the only “custody battle” being fought anywhere is in the tabloids, not a courtroom, and considering the amount of press he has done over there, there’s been no break on that front at all. He claims he met his new girlfriend Moniqe when he was visiting South Africa in March of this year – quite a feat as he was not in South Africa in March.

A new twist to his story regarding how he donated his sperm: “I didn’t do it the natural way. I was under anaesthetic, and it was a painful experience when I gave my sperm cells.”

As we have previously quoted, he had originally claimed that he had donated sperm in a hotel room in London in three visits in 2001 – one occasion on which Michael was not even in the country at the time. Is he now claiming he was willing to go under anesthesia in a hotel room and this didn’t raise any concerns for him? Did he not ask for the name of the doctor, to sign a consent form, to keep any medical record of this? Did he ask the doctor if it was normal for them to do something like that in a hotel room? That perhaps he could’ve just done it the “ordinary” way? If he was under anesthetic then he would also not have experienced any pain, so that’s something which I would also be concerned about, because currently the whole scenario sounds like a story recounted by an alien abducteee victim on a late night cable channel, but these aren’t my testicles so perhaps this is something he does regularly.

6th May 2012 – In another The Sun hit piece, Matt Fiddes once again claims memories which he does not have by using other stories he has read in the tabloids about Michael, regurgitating them to the British tabloid for a fee.

LIE 1: Claiming now that Michael had ordered a hit on his brother Randy in 2005“By 2005 Michael had surrounded himself with Nation of Islam bodyguards and became paranoid to the point that he would bar family from coming into his home.  Things reached a head when Randy was trying to force his way past the bodyguards to speak to him in one of his rented homes. Michael ordered him to be shot dead. He was out of mind on drugs and luckily Randy was OK.”

Truth: This is a story stolen from Michael’s real bodyguards from 2007-2009 – the ones mentioned earlier who did not know who Matt Fiddes was – who said in an interview in 2010 that on one occasion Michael’s brother Randy had tried to visit with Michael, but the guards wouldn’t let him in so Randy had then crashed the security gate, which of course made the bodyguards draw out their weapons on him in response. This event did not happen in 2005, did not involve Nation of Islam guards, and the order to raise their weapons was not made by Michael.

LIE 2: Michael went shopping with Fiddes in London in order to buy a boa constrictor Michael could name Madonna, “Michael hated Madge so much because he saw her as his direct competition. He once stopped off to buy a boa constrictor snake when I was with him in London. He said, ‘I’m naming this after Madonna because she’s poison’.”

TRUTH: Michael did in fact have a snake called Madonna, but he had purchased this snake by at least 1993, as the snake was photographed in a Life magazine piece back then, and she was in fact an albino python, not a boa. Michael also said at the time that she was named so, “because she’s blond, but I didn’t name her that.”

How was Matt able to recall purchasing a snake that Michael owned long before they’d ever met?

LIE 3: Because Michael was now a Nazi sympathizer, he had a voodoo doll created to use against Steven Spielberg.

TRUTH: In fact, during the raid on Neverland in November 2003 they found Michael had a framed letter he had received from Steven Spielberg in his bedroom, because he respected the director so much:

2 Q. Now, when you were going through Mr.
3 Jackson’s home, did you see a number of items from
4 notable people that were just lying around, or
5 hanging on the wall, or sitting on a — I’ll give
6 you some examples if you want. Did you see, for
7 instance, a letter from Steven Spielberg that was
8 just sitting on a table.

No voodoo dolls were found.

This story of Matt’s is a regurgitation of something that Myung-Ho Lee, a former adviser to Michael had sold to the press while he was engaged in a lawsuit with him, a story that Vanity Fair and Maureen Orth subsequently stole as their own, and now Matt has claimed too. Neither regurgitation making it any more truthful, and in fact, just exposing how easy it is to perpetuate lies about Jackson.

LIE 4: Michael was obsessed with bleaching his skin “milky white”, and said, “Michael was a mess by the end of his life because of what he’d done to his skin. The most horrific thing he told me he’d done was bleach his genitals. He was in agony.  Some parts of his body like his legs and privates were still black because the bleach he used hadn’t worked there.”

TRUTH: Michael Jackson had vitiligo.

The creams he used were prescribed to him in 1990 by his dermatologist in order to even out the remainder of his skin, as his mother had said that he “didn’t want to look like a spotted cow,” a line Matt has stolen for himself. The coroner even confirmed that Michael Jackson had vitiligo, anyone who now claims otherwise is exposing their own ignorance.

His other stories are also stolen mish mashes – claims Michael dated Pamela Anderson were already known (though his story about Michael seeking to bed Pamela in 2008 is amusing because I thought Matt had said years of drug use had made Michael impotent?), and Michael’s porn wasn’t a secret after the court case in 2005 where all of it spent a week on parade.

6th May Matt calls The Sun piece a “fabrication” on his twitter, but then quickly deletes those tweets (perhaps he is rightly afraid the Sun could sue him for libel). But it’s okay Matt, we saved them for you.

I hope he didn’t just say that because this happens to be his last exclusive with The Sun and he can pretend he was some innocent victim to this, when he sought them out and pocketed their money of his own volition.

I for one am just certain that he won’t ever call the tabloids again after this, and most definitely never his pals at The Sun.

It’s not as if he has previously said this just a few weeks ago, on the 15th of April 2012:

Yet on that very same day was seen publicly seeking someone out to sell a story about Michael to:

Tim Vincent is currently working for Access Hollywood. Guess they weren’t interested?

Then 4 days later he’d claimed to someone that although he had been offered up to $250,000k to sell Michael out, that he had refused and that he would never dream of selling his mates out.

Then on the 19th claiming he doesn’t talk about his “time” with Michael anymore:

All this before selling stories about Michael and his son that are so vicious and nasty that even one of Michael’s ex-friends has called them “character assassination.”

I’m just certain this will be the last we’ll hear about Michael Jackson and Matt Fiddes for now, right? Perhaps with his money from The Sun he can finally become the “multi millionaire” he has always claimed to be and he will no longer need to rely on the hand outs the British tabloids give him in order to keep yet another Matt Fiddes business of his from being dissolved or going into liquidation.

– 9th May – The story from Matt about Michael having a “hit” on Randy is posted to TMZ, where they add, “None of Fiddes’ accusations have been corroborated. ” 

They also discuss Matt’s stories in their live show, where one of their guys Ryan says that Matt’s “word is so invalid it’s crazy”, Harvey says, “It sounds like BS to me,” and they say that the Jacksons refuse to comment on it because they don’t want to give Matt any more attention:

Harvey: We should talk about Michael Jackson because this is a big deal. There is a report out in The Sun – now I don’t know how true this report is, and it’s easy to do this when someone is dead but the report goes that a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson is claiming that Michael ordered members of his bodyguard team to shoot and kill his brother Randy Jackson, because Randy was being too heavy handed in creating a Jackson 5 Reunion tour. Do I have that report right, Ryan?
Ryan: Yes. Totally. But this guy, his word is so invalid it’s crazy, I mean he has made stuff up for a long time now trying to get his name out in the press. Stuff like last week he gave an interview where he said that Michael hated Madonna and used voodoo dolls and then he also said that he was Blanket’s father, and he sent us that comparison photo of him and Blanket. I mean this guy is…
Harvey: Oh wait a minute, that’s the same guy?
Ryan: Yeah, it’s the same guy.
Is this the same guy that said Michael Jackson is a Nazi sympathizer and was punching Steven Spielberg’s voodoo dolls and stuff?
Harvey: So he has a history of…
Ryan: …Crazy. And he sued Tito in 2008 because he said that when the Jacksons were coming to Ireland or something that they hired them for his services to protect them and then screwed him out of money and never gave him any money back. So he’s had a vendetta against this family for a long time now and his word is very invalid, so
Harvey: It sounds like it’s BS but it’s getting some play and at least you should know about it. I’m not buying it.
Ryan:I talked to people connected to the family and I’m trying to get people in the family to respond but I’m getting dead ends everywhere because everyone is saying that they don’t even want to even give this guy the time of day. They’re saying that he’s such an invalid source of information and they don’t even want to give him the time of day, so that more people give interviews to him.
Harvey: Yeah, I understand that. I’m not buying it. I didn’t realize it was the same guy, but even if it wasn’t the same guy, it’s so easy to make claims like that when someone is dead. And especially for people who once lived in glory and now all of a sudden are obscure and really got a taste of that spotlight, which this guy did. It sounds like BS to me as well.

9th May 2012 – Randy Jackson’s spokesman responds to Matt’s allegations that Michael had hired a “hit” on him, saying that the story “couldn’t be further from the truth… it’s absolutely absurd,” and that Matt’s lies were a “non issue” that the Jackson family didn’t wish to seek legal action against because they didn’t want to give him any attention.

9th May 2012 – Rabbi Shmuley writes an entire piece assassinating Matt’s story that Michael was briefly a “Nazi sympathizer” or anti-Semitic. He is so angered by this allegation against Michael that he titles it, “The Revolting Lie That Michael Jackson Was a Nazi Sympathizer”. 

– June 2012 – This is when Matt has claimed he will fly out to LA with his “fiancee” and continue with his fictional “custody battle” and seek out this DNA test. Once again, nothing he says materializes; this supposed custody battle remains non-existent, he does not seek out a DNA test and he does not fly out to LA.

– 2nd July 2012 – After having proven himself a liar yet again with his threat of flying out to LA to demand a DNA test never materializing throughout the entirety of June, Matt once again ensures this is something he only has an interest in contending within gossip sites. He tells Rumorfix that he will definitely fly out to LA soon to get a DNA test – we’ll be here first to report this as it continues to never happen. He claims this still only became public because of non existent court documents for a non existent court case. He claims he is still in contact with some of Michael’s family – possibly through obsessive tweets he occasionally directs at them to which they do not respond, and makes up another fictional account of his time with Michael, this time involving a fantasy conversation he had with Michael about Elvis.

He also now claims that he was friends with Michael for 14 years. The last few months have seen this number increasing steadily – 10, 12, now 14. Of course, as always, as proof he only posts photos from that same brief week in 2002 when he held Michael’s umbrella and when Michael was shown being incapable of recalling Matt’s name.

For the umpteenth time: Fiddes did not know Jackson for longer than the 2-3 days he held his umbrella in the UK in 2002, this is the entire extent of his 14 year relationship with Jackson.

Though in fairness, he does say one truthful thing, Michael was “surrounded by idiots” as this specific pathological liar can attest.

– January 10th 2013 – After having previously forged documents relating to a court case against Channel 4 he had connected to the Jacksons in 2010, and then having lied and claimed a paternity court case existed in the United States over Blanket Jackson when it does not, Matt Fiddes has once again been caught acting fraudulently.

This time he admitted to issuing a bogus summons during his divorce. The charge occurred between January 26th and February 9th 2012, and the judge stated, “you falsely pretended to act under the authority of the court in that you caused to be delivered to Nigel Griffiths papers which falsely purported to be a summons of the county court, knowing it to be false.” He only admitted to the charge after he was told he would not be going to jail, and was instead told the maximum sentence given to him would be eight months jail suspended for two years and “some fines and costs”.

Other previous legal trouble includes a restraining orders issued by Big Brother star Channelle Hayes, and having been caught going 92mph on a 60mph motorway in February 2009, where he was given six penalty points on his license, ordered to pay a £500 fine, £60 court costs and £15 victim surcharge.

– April 27th 2013 With all the toads surfacing for the AEG lawsuit, predictably Matt Fiddes sells a story to his friends at The Daily Star, claiming he will be willing to tell a judge that tour promoter’s pushed Jackson too hard and he ended up dead. He claims that he witnessed Jackson “mumbling and slurring” because he was on a cocktail of drugs.
Fiddes of course is not included on the witness list for either the defense or the prosecution in this case, just as he was not included in the 2011 Murray case, as he has no knowledge of anything in Jackson’s life besides his umbrellas.
– June 11 2013 After the tragic events involving Jackson’s 15 year old daughter, Paris Jackson, Matt Fiddes decides to exploit this and sell a story about it to NOW magazine.
– June 12 2013 Fiddes’ previous agent, Richard Curson, who was his agent during his impotent-bleached-Nazi-The Sun stories from 2012, and who stopped working for him sometime after, admits that his ex-client was a fraud who had lied to him about who he was and that he had also done some “nasty” things to him too.


26th October 2013 – In a recent “interview” with “Impact Magazine” he once again makes up a bunch of things that never happened. Here he claims they were friends for over 10 years. I guess he’s forgotten he claimed he was his best friend and worked for him for 14 years?

In his imaginary fictional travelogue with Jackson he states:

Whenever we would land in new countries the first thing he would do was to hold a meeting and work out how we could make the front pages with certain publicity stunts.

Which is completely untrue.

He now makes a bizarre and interesting statement about being Blanket’s supposed baby daddy:

I’m not currently pursuing it at all. At that time in his life, and it’s been well publicised, several of his friends tried to help him out because he wanted help to conceive the kids. Mine was never supposed to go public, but I launched a lawsuit against a production company and a lot of the Jackson family. Michael’s friends had to give witness statements and that’s where it leaked out – in 2009 through the News of the World. I’m not pursuing it at all, I don’t know one way or another. All I know is what I read in the press. Other than that I have no idea.

Yes, it’s been well publicized that “friends” who didn’t even know him back when his children were conceived (neither Fiddes or Lester had even met Jackson until after Blanket was born) have made attempts to exploit his vulnerable children by claiming to be their father’s.

Michael’s friends had nothing to do with his botched lawsuit, they never had to give any witness statements about anything, and nothing involving that was ever leaked to anyone, though of course at other points he’s claimed that it was his pursuit of parental rights over Blanket that were leaked to the public.

I do find it interesting and amusing that he is no longer “pursing it at all” and “all I know is what I read in the press.” Yes, your obsessive habit of trying to keep up with Michael Jackson stories to insert yourself as a Where’s Waldo character is keeping your rent bills paid.  It’s also interesting that Mark Lester and Matt Fiddes suddenly want to claim there’s loads of other men who donated sperm to MJ to conceive his children. I thought MJ had personally sat him down and told him that himself? I thought they were 100% sure they were father of his children? What’s changed in the last few months? Was it the fact that Debbie Rowe has publicly called them both out and denied meeting or knowing any of them and stating that in reality she’d had sex to conceive with Jackson and that his children are biologically his yet again?

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