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– In the weeks prior to his death Michael was publicly seen visiting Dr Klein’s office on many occasions (Seen at his office: 2008: October 23, 27, December 19, 31, 2009:   January 7, 14, 29, February 5 & 11, March 12, 19, 23 April: 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, May: 4, 5, 6, (With another physician at the same office: 15, 19, 20, 21,) June: 1, 3, 4, 9, 16, 22)

May 6th- June 1st 2009 Klein and Pfeiffer go on vacation together with Klein’s other boyfriend.

– May 2009 Pfeiffer tweets to Klein during this month on his since deleted “JPSnaggs” twitter account (deleted after Pfeiffer and Klein sold their story about MJ) about how much he loves Klein and loves everything Klein has done for his life.

– June 30th 9.00am an “insider” circulates a story to TMZ that neither Michael or Debbie are the parents of Prince and Paris.

– June 30th 10:30am  the LAPD is reported to be interested in speaking to Dr Klein in connection to drugs he may have prescribed Michael.

– June 30th 1:22pm an “insider of Dr Klein’s” tells US Weekly that Arnold Klein is the father of Prince and Paris and that Debbie is not the mother.

– June 30, released a statement through his lawyer stating he was “aware of media reports” about the paternity but “because of patient confidentiality, Dr. Klein will make no statement on any reports or allegations.” Strange, considering all the other breaches of patient confidentiality he has made before and since.

– July 5th Klein is on a list of doctors who are sought in connection with Mr Jackson’s death

– July 7th, Two weeks after Michael’s death Arnold Klein’s “longtime partner” Stephen Price sells photos and a story to US Weekly about how he, Carrie Fisher and Klein spent Michael’s last Christmas Eve together. Carrie Fisher is a long time friend of Arnold Klein’s and she refuted allegations that MJ would use a sperm donor.

– July 8th Dr Klein is on a list of doctors the LAPD are seeking in connection with Michael’s death.

– July 8th on Good Morning America states “to the best of his knowledge he is not the father” of Michael’s children. Also denies ever prescribing Michael powerful painkillers.

– July 8 on Larry King says says he couldn’t be certain about paternity because he claims he had once donated to a sperm bank and says that he’d be willing to take a DNA test. Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and also being gay (gay sperm donors being treated the way gay blood donors are), it would be impossible or incredibly unethical for him to have ever donated to any sperm bank. Also says during this interview that he believes Debbie and Michael had sex.

– July 10 Arnold Klein’s records are subpoenaed by the coroner.

– July 14th Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter visits Klein’s office to obtain Jackson’s medical records because Dr. Klein was not fully cooperating with their original request for documents. He had previously only given partial documentation from March 2009 onwards.

– July 15th Arnold Klein’s ex-boyfriend Paul Gohranson sells a story to Radaronline to claim that Arnold Klein is the father of Prince and Paris. Background info on Gohranson: Has had complaints filed against him for bad cheques, was fined for being an unlicensed massage practitioner, and plead guilty to beating his children and sexually molesting his 3 year old daughter.

– July 17th Arnold Klein’s ex-boyfriend Paul Gohranson sells another story to the National Enquirer claimingthat Arnold Klein is Prince and Paris’ father because Michael was “sterile” and “impotent” because his “testicles were forever deformed” from physical abuse from Joe Jackson as a child and young adult. His autopsy report, released February 8 2010, not only showed no damage to his testicles or groin but that he was actively producing sperm at the time of his death. 

– July 17 Klein releases a statement on his blog again denying involvement in Michael’s death.

– July 22 Hoefflin sends Klein an email stating that he believes using Klein’s own words and actions that Klein is responsible for, amongst other things, administering propofol to MJ in his office and contributing towards Michael’s death.

– July 24 reported in the news that Klein had performed “acne” procedure on MJ in a Gyno office in 2003 involving an anaesthesiologist.

– July 24 Klein’s lawyer Boyer responds to Hoefflin’s email and instructs Hoefflin to cease publishing anymore unfactual statements but nowhere in the email does Boyer specify which statements are inaccurate.

– July 27 Debbie Rowe is seen at the same Beverly Hills clinic that Klein works at. She is said to be accompanying a friend on a visit to Dr Rish who works in the same building.

– August 1 Landlord gives Klein another 5 days to come up with rent money for his clinic after failing to pay July’s rent totaling $28,515.69.

– August 3 Klein has family law specialists appear on his behalf to ask the Court to allow him to have an opportunity to present evidence to the Court for its consideration in fashioning an appropriate guardianship order with specific protection and supervision in areas relating to Prince and Paris.

– August 4 Arnold Klein bans Debbie Rowe from visiting the clinic where he works while he is present.

– August 6 Judge shuts down Klein’s attempt to insert himself into their guardianship order because he has absolutely no basis. Klein’s lawyer states he’ll file legal paperwork again at the beginning of September.

– August 6 This is also the date that a court issues a lawsuit against Klein for failing to pay rent for his clinic.

– August 6 Debbie Rowe again visits the same Beverly Hills clinic where Klein works and confirms that Klein had threatened to call the police if he saw her there again.

– August 10 Bank of America cites this as the date that Klein fails to make any payments of a $456,234. 85 debt that he has with them.

– August 10 Klein comes up with the $28,515.69 July rent money for his clinic and his landlord drops his lawsuit.

– August 14th Less than 2 months after Michael’s death, Klein and his friend and colleague Jason Pfeiffer sell a story to an Australian tabloid Women’s Day announcing that Jason was Michael’s last lover and that although Michael denied being gay many many many times he would have been thrilled with the two of them announcing his sexuality to all of Australia. As this story is printed in the August 17th issue and they have photographs they took themselves of Pfeiffer, they must have spoken and sold the story at least a week or two earlier. This means almost immediately after Jackson’s death they were seeking money and attention from this story.

– August 21, According to the warrant and affidavit for last Friday’s raid on Mickey Fine Pharmacy in Beverly Hills, Calif. investigators were searching for records of medication Klein possibly prescribed to himself then gave to Jackson or others.

– August 26th Dr Steven Hoefflin tells The Sun that he believes that Klein was the doctor who taught Murray how to administer propofol.

-August 27 reports that an anonymous female called police to report that Klein had provided medication for Michael under aliases, female reported to be Debbie Rowe.

– August 27 Klein’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan tells US Magazine that “There was a possibility that the two older kids could be biologically linked to Dr. Klein. And Dr. Klein was well aware.” However at this point the lawyer also states that Klein will not take a DNA test, changing Klein’s earlier stance, and again offers no proof or anything for his claims and allegations.

– August 27 Klein’s attorney states that Klein has decided against petitioning the court for any specific guardianship orders regarding Prince and Paris.

– September 14th Arnold Klein issues a lawsuit against Dr Hoefflin for his comments.

– September 18th Dr Hoefflin counters Klein saying that he has enough evidence to put some of Michael’s doctors into prison and says that Dr. Arnold Klein and his attorneys are “attempting to prevent me from discussing incriminating evidence that I possess on Dr. Klein.”

– This lawsuit concludes November 10th 2010, in favour of Hoefflin with Klein being ordered to pay his attorney’s fees.

– October after his Extra interview had aired on April 1 2010 Jason Pfeiffer claims this interview was actually filmed eight months ago which would be sometime this month. He does not say why it was not broadcast at this time.

– October 3 spends over $6000 hosting a “Heal The Skin” lecture in memory of Michael Jackson. Posters for the event include photos of Michael holding Blanket over the balcony and Michael’s 2003 mugshot.

– October 26 Klein files a creditor’s claim against the Michael Jackson’s Estate claiming that he is owed $42, 522 89 for 179 medical procedures performed between March 23 through June 22 2009.

– October 29 releases a press letter regarding his creditor claim stating that he believes his work on Michael is partially responsible for the success of “This Is It.” He ends by saying a “portion” of any money received from the estate will be donated to a HIV charity.

-November 1 Arnold Klein and Jason Pfeiffer talk to TMZ’s Harvey Levin for 3 hours at his home.

-November 3 Klein and Pfeiffer are scheduled to appear on TMZ Live with Harvey and go over everything they had discussed with him on the 1st, but Klein’s criminal lawyer puts a stop to it. Harvey recounts everything Klein told him in these 3 hours, but chooses not to recount Pfeiffer’s alleged relationship with Michael. Amongst other things he makes absurd claims about how MJ loved peeing in front of people and that it was Debbie  who leaked to  people that Klein was the father of the children.

– November 5, Arnold Klein gives a 90mn interview to TMZ about Michael.

– November 6 Klein’s interview with Harvey on TMZ is broadcast. Discusses paternity, again states he bizarrely believes Debbie is the source of those stories (obviously an attempt to make them seem credible), talks about Jackson’s family, peeing in cups, plastic surgery, drug addictions.

-November 9 Jackie Jackson responds to Klein’s statement that MJ loved peeing in front of people, saying that it’s “absurd.”

– November 9 Hoefflin says Klein broke the law by violating the HIPPA by discussing information relating to Michael’s health and that he should not have been repeatedly injecting a known addict with Demerol, saying most dermatologists use a topical or a nerve blocker and not a narcotic.

– December 18 Bruce Ayers, who worked for three years as Dr. Klein’s research assistant and confidant who had a history of drug abuse, was found dead on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. Klein discloses Ayers drug abuse from his pharmacy to TMZ.

February 20 2010 Klein files another claim against estate over $10,000 Gianfranco Ferre jacket he loaned to Michael.

– April 1 Klein puts a Chevrolet SSR Roadster for sale on ebay, estimating it’s value at $31,000 and uses the fact that he claims Michael has ridden inside of it as a selling point. Makes note of how  “on Halloween in 2008 Michael and a close associate drove around my neighborhood of Hancock Park” in it. Strange how involved Klein is with pushing this Pfeiffer story. I wonder if either of these two bodyguards remembers Pfeiffer giving Michael a lift in it on Halloween? Only reported being seen at Klein’s clinic on October 27th 2008.

– April 29- Extra airs their Jason Pfeiffer interview with comments from Klein, reported on Extra by Klein’s “close friend” Alicia Jacobs.

– April 30- Michael’s bodyguards from 2007-2009 dispute the alleged relationship between Pfeiffer and Michael, saying “To all my MJ FB fans, Please dont feed into that Garbage about some idiot claiming to be MJ’s Gay lover, due to my confidentiality in writing a book I can only say this; Michael Jackson was a MAN! He was more of a MAN than that IDIOT can ever be. Dont waste your time being angry or upset, the media was not MJ’s friend when he was alive, dont expect them to be his friend now.”

– April 30– The second part of the Extra interview with Pfeiffer is not aired.

– May 1 Karen Faye says that the reason the Extra interview was dropped was because Debbie Rowe contacted the estate and the estate contacted Howard Weitzman.

– May 1 Klein calls Harvey Levin on TMZ Live in order to support the Pfeiffer/Michael relationship.

– May 3 Joe Jackson counters Klein and says that Michael was not gay and that Klein has no respect for Michael.

– May 3 Jermaine Jackson counters Klein’s comments about Michael’s sexuality saying that Klein is full of shit, his brother was straight and telling Klein to “fuck” himself.

– May 9 LaToya Jackson says that Klein and Pfeiffer are lying about the alleged affair.

– May 13 Elizabeth Taylor responds to Klein on twitter regarding the Pfeiffer/Michael relationship and suggests that God have mercy on his soul for everything he has been saying about Michael.

– May 16 reported that Prince and Paris have banned Klein from their lives after learning about Klein’s involvement in the Jason Pfeiffer story. Fans who have since chatted to them on AIM have confirmed that Prince and Paris wish to have nothing to do with Klein after the comments he has made about their father.

– May 18 Bank of America issues a lawsuit to Klein over $937,381.20, based on Klein’s failure and and refusal to pay the principal sum of $456,234. 85 from the date August 10 2009.

– July 28 7 of Michael Jackson’s doctors will not face criminal charges, including Dr Klein. Although one doctor whose name was not released has been referred to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to a Jackson alias, she said. Klein had prescribed Jackson the muscle relaxer, Tizanidine, under the alias “Omar Arnold.”

– September 16 Murray challenges Joe Jackson’s lawsuit against him by asking why Klein is also not listed as a defendant. Murray says “AEG Live, LLC read Michael Jackson the proverbial ‘riot act’ to get him to stop subjecting himself to overmedication by Dr. Arnold Klein. The plaintiff [Joe Jackson] does not explain why, given these allegations, Dr. Arnold Klein is not a required party to be added to accord proper relief.”

– 1 November House fire at Dr Klein’s house causes $200,000 worth of damage. Ruled accidental.

– November This is around when Klein claims Pfeiffer revealed or that he found out that the affair between Pfeiffer/MJ was made up.

– 20 January 2011 Klein files for bankruptcy stating he owes creditors $3,500,000. According to his details on, this was the amount he was earning annually previously.

– 22 March It is revealed that although having filed for bankruptcy and initially claiming to only have between $0-50,000 in assets, Klein has assests worth $7,563,600.

– 30 March 2011Klein finally admits on his facebook that the Pfeiffer relationship claim was “made up” and “ridiculous” and says he has no reason to believe Michael Jackson was gay. He claims Pfeiffer only told him 6 months ago that it was a lie and that Extra’s Alicia Jacobs and Pfeiffer’s friend Paul Camuso helped push/make up the story.

– 6 April 2011 Klein claims his ex-manager embezzled $3.2 million from his accounts leaving him bankrupt. It seems the manager he is talking about is Jason Pfeiffer.

– 22 Sept 2011 Klein defends himself in an interview with AP against his name being used in the Conrad Murray trial, says that he is writing a book about Michael and that now, contrary to all his contradictory claims in the past, Michael “wasn’t adult enough to be sexual.”

– 28  October Klein gives an interview to Extra saying that Michael was “not a drug addict” and then creepily volunteers this over the paternity claims still directed at him: “I’ll tell you this… His son [Prince] is very handsome.”

– 30 October Klein claims the leaked creditor’s claim he had made against Michael’s estate in 2009 which revealed details of Michael’s treatments was released without his permission and that he had not intended to seek payment from Michael’s estate. Klein blames this on his attorney’s, on Jason Pfeiffer, on his accountant Khilji and on AEG. No mention if the press statement he released after his creditor’s claim alleging he was partially responsible for the success of TII and deserved to be compensated as such, or the $10,000 creditors claim he later demanded over the Gianfranco Ferre jacket was also produced by these people. It seems his issue is that this creditor’s statement reveals the extent of Demerol that Klein had used on Jackson, and therefore makes him seem liable in fueling any addiction problems Jackson may have suffered over the years, especially in light of the AEG lawsuit and the Murray trial.

Michael’s 38 public visits to Klein in the last 9 months of his life

Michael Jackson visiting Arnold Klein, Beverly Hills clinic,

Note: Always accompanied by guards and a driver.


– Klein was apparently forced to leave his residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in the 1970s because of allegations that he was selling unauthorized prescription drugs to fellow students, according to two people who know him.

Walter Shelley, the former chairman of Penn’s Dermatology Department, where Klein had his residency, often told colleagues about the incident (Shelley passed away this past February at age 91). Two of those doctors, familiar with the account as related by Shelley, spoke to me, and independent of each other, verified the same information. Shelley told them separately that Klein’s residency had been terminated because he had sold prescription meds to other students. The Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, Shelley told them, agreed not to turn the information over to local authorities in return for Klein leaving the school. He did so, completing his residency at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he was the chief resident in dermatology in 1975.

Klein’s colleagues recalled that when he left for California, there was no indication of wrongdoing, but that he told them he was moving to the West Coast because he was about to become engaged to a woman who lived in Los Angeles (Klein has never married).

– In a lawsuit with a patient in 2004 it emerged that Klein had a conflict of interest by being paid to promote Allergan products

The suit wasn’t without embarrassing moments for Allergan, including mention of its payments to Klein to promote Botox.

One doctor whose name was not released has been referred to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to a Jackson alias, she said.
According to the warrant for inspection and the affidavit for administrative inspection warrant, both obtained by, between January 1, 2008 and July 6, 2009, Klein self-prescribed 27 controlled substances, which he filled at Mickey Fine Pharmacy and which investigators believe he gave to his friends — including Michael Jackson, who died of an apparent drug overdose on June 25.

We’re told Dr. Klein stored certain drugs at a pharmacy he used to fill prescriptions for patients. When the drugs would expire, there was a protocol for destroying them. But Klein says Ayers would go to the pharmacy and get expired Demerol for his own use — and the pharmacy gave it to him. Klein says the pharmacy violated protocol.

We’re told Dr. Klein knew Ayers was a drug addict when he hired him but at the time Ayers was on the wagon. Klein says it became painfully obvious at the beginning of 2009 that Ayers’ drug problem had resurfaced. Several members of Klein’s staff told the Dr. they would quit unless he fired Ayers.

– Constant violation of Michael Jackson’s HIPPA, yet in June he had said he would not comment specifically about the paternity allegations because of his HIPPA…

– June 30, Klein released a statement through his lawyer stating he was “aware of media reports” about the paternity but “because of patient confidentiality, Dr. Klein will make no statement on any reports or allegations.”

… but that didn’t seem to stop him from discussing all of this about his patient publicly.

1. His patient’s vitiligo and its treatment.
2. His patient’s lupus.
3. His patient’s burn and its treatment.
4. His patient’s drug use.
5. His patient’s sexual relationship with Debbie Rowe.
6. His patient allegedly loving to urinate in front of other people.
7. His patient’s physical health.
8. His patient’s alleged homosexual relationship with Klein’s colleague and someone who also has an obligation to maintain Klein’s patients’ privacy.
9. His patient’s plastic surgery.

10. His patient’s mental health.
11. The paternity of his patient’s children.
12. His patient’s relationship with his family.

Tracking the Paternity Stories

July 8 and November 1 & 6 Arnold tells Larry King and Harvey Levin he believes Debbie is the one who leaked the story about him being the biological father to the media.

July 8, Larry King, also suggests Debbie might not be the mother in this interview

We’re back with Dr. Arnie Klein. How did the story, you think, surface about you and fatherhood? Where did that come from?

KLEIN: I don’t have any idea whether it came from Debbie Rowe, I have no idea.

Larry didn’t ask if it came from Debbie Rowe, it has never been reported anywhere that they had come from Debbie, so why did Klein respond as if he had? But Klein seemed keen to publicly connect Debbie with them.

KING: Could it have come from Debbie Rowe?

KLEIN: Absolutely.

KING: Do you think she said something about it?

KLEIN: I don’t know that, but all I told her was this. I want you to get active and be the mother, if she is the mother, of these children.

If? Interesting considering the original allegations were that neither Debbie or Michael were the biological parents.

November 1 & 6, Harvey Levin

“About the fact that Debbie Rowe, he says, basically got the story out that he was the father, suggesting he was the father of the kids.” – Harvey Levin

This is interesting because so far these have been some of the sources for the stories about Arnold being the biological father:

June 30 US Weekly says “an insider of” Dr Klein’s told them that Klein was the father and that Debbie was not the mother. A week later they also interview Stephen Price, Klein’s longterm boyfriend, who says “no comment” about whether Klein is the father.

Same day, June 30 Klein’s lawyer releases a statement and says he is aware of reports but can’t confirm due to patient confidentiality.

July 8 On Larry King Arnold himself says he’d be willing to take a DNA test, says he did donate sperm in the past to a clinic.

July 15 and 17 Klein’s ex-boyfriend Paul Gohranson sells stories to Radaronline and Enquirer to say that Klein is the father of Michael’s 3 children, claims Klein told him this himself.

August 3, August 6, Klein tries to submit legal papers through a family lawyer to impose himself on Michael’s children’s guardianship orders, specifically regarding Prince and Paris.

August 27 Klein’s lawyer says that Klein is “well aware” he could be the father of Prince and Paris. This is also the same day that Klein withdraws his attempts at inserting himself into the guardianship of Prince and Paris.

And it seems apparent from his words and actions that this was not a rumour he was pushing away, his behaviour in fact contributed to this story gaining an almost official aura about it, where magazines started reporting this as though Klein himself had confirmed this.

In fact, by using Debbie’s name it almost seems as if he wanted to give the rumour extra credibility, Debbie would know who the father was, so if she was the one spreading these stories then these stories must be true… right?

And as you can see in the Larry King interview, nobody asks him if Debbie spread these stories, he is the first and only one to make that association.

He claims he donated sperm to a clinic, never donated it personally to Michael – yet he insinuates he could be the father, was he trying to suggest that he and Debbie had had sex?

August 14, October, November 1, May 1 2010:

Understanding The Jason Pfeiffer and Michael Jackson Relationship

Starting from the beginning…

Pfeiffer, August 14 2009, Women’s Day

“I guess our first ‘date’, if you can call it that, was in my car,” says Jason. “We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were ‘nosey’, as Michael put it.

Klein, ebay ad for his car, April 1 2010

“On Halloween in 2008 Michael and a close associate drove around my neighborhood of Hancock Park.”

So, to begin with, whose car was it? And also, this occurred over Halloween? Mike visited Klein on October 27th and can be seen leaving with bodyguards who also acted as drivers, so did he also visit October 31st without bodyguards? If you can see in the above collage of Michael visiting Klein’s office he was always accompanied by bodyguards and drivers.

Anyway, remember this date: Halloween 2008 is when he claims this relationship began, which would mean they’d been dating for at least 8 months when Michael died.

Pfeiffer, August 14, Women’s Day

“He did not like looking at old photos of himself and didn’t want his children to see them either,” says Jason.

Though I suppose technically he isn’t looking at himself and he might’ve shielded his kids from seeing him like this too.

Pfeiffer, August 14, Women’s Day

According to Jason, the romance began over the phone and progressed with a number of discreet meetings, after Michael had asked Jason to give him a ride home.

So the ride in the car in October happened after they’d romanced each other on the phone. Definitely at least eight months together then.

Pfeiffer, October 2009, Extra (he claims this interview was filmed in this time period; I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt)

“We definitely hit it off the first time we met. I just didn’t – you know, you can have a crush on someone and that would be it. It wasn’t until a few months later that it was obvious that he, you know, had feelings for me as well.”

So they hit it off the first time they met together, what about the romantic phone calls? And it was only after several months that their feelings progressed? But Michael only returned to LA from Las Vegas in October 2008, so what happened to the October romantic car “date” where they had to stay away from nosey minders?

Pfeiffer, October 2009, Extra

“We were talking about our childhoods and he was relating different stories about, um, what happened when he was a kid. I remember we were sitting there and we both started to cry. And, uh, I got up and went over to him and I said, you know, “it’s going to be okay, Michael.” We hugged. And, uh, it was kind of then that the hug was kind of a little bit more.”

When did this hug happen? I thought their romance began over the phone and their first date was in Klein/Pfeiffer’s car, right? So there were many times when this romance began.

Klein, May 2, TMZ

And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason’s alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

So now the relationship was only 2 months long? May-June 2009? What happened to the romantic phone calls in 2008 and the romantic car drive and the “a little bit more” hug?

Interesting that Michael was an openly gay man with only one 2 month long gay relationship that Pfeiffer says that he and Michael tried to keep quiet from “nosey” minders. So much for being open.

Klein and Pfeiffer with Harvey Levin 3 November,

Harvey quoting both of them: “They were out of town for a month before [June].”

That means they were out of town in May, which we know is true because Klein’s creditor claim against Michael’s estate shows that Michael’s last treatment there in May was on the 6th and then he used another doctor until Klein/Pfeiffer presumably returned on the 1st of June.

So Pfeiffer and Michael had a 2 month relationship and it seems Pfeiffer was on vacation with a man he professed his to on twitter for about 3 of those weeks, giving them about 4 potential weeks together. It seems these 2 months were an incredibly stressful period for Michael: the start of May he’d already been rehearsing a month for This Is It his first tour since 1998, was so stressed out he was hiring a cardiologist to anesthetize him in order to sleep and he was also starting out his first and only fledgling gay relationship with his soul mate that he had to keep private but was also open about.

And Klein and Pfeiffer were both out of town together for 3 weeks? Where did they go together? Hope it was somewhere nice. It turns out they were both out of town with Klein’s other boyfriend; how intimate.

I’m wondering if this change of timelines from the August and October interview and from them speaking to TMZ again in May 2010 had anything to do with 3 of Michael’s bodyguards who’d worked with him until the beginning of 2009 coming forward on March 8th 2010 saying that Michael had had relationships with at least 2 women during their time with him and that he was firmly heterosexual. Paris has since confirmed Jackson was seeing a woman when he died, and that she and the children had met her.

Could these be the same “nosey” minders he remembers having to keep their openly gay yet secretive relationship away from? (The Bodyguards incidentally were not paid for their television appearance on GMA.) Or obviously, just the “minders” he knew would call BS on the story when it came out?

Also, why doesn’t he talk about how he and his friend Klein and Klein’s boyfriend Stephen Price and their mutual friend Carrie Fisher spent Christmas Eve 2008 over at Michael’s home? Is it because possibly someone like Carrie Fisher could say that she saw nothing romantic going on between Pfeiffer and Michael at this time which would throw a wet blanket over the idea of them having a first romantic christmas together? She states in her book that Klein’s friends acted like fans around Michael, trying to get any “shine” from being around him that they could, and not the way you would around someone you were even friends with. Interesting considering it’s the only photograph the two have of each other. But I sure hope it wouldn’t be something like that, considering Michael was an openly out gay man who was making it obvious even in front of Klein that he had feelings for someone like Pfeiffer.

– Amusingly Pfeiffer tried to post another photo of the two of them together, but it turned out this photo had been photoshopped, and he quickly took it down.

Harvey Levin quoting Klein and Pfeiffer, November 3 2010

“Arnie Klein had told me and Jason had told me, they said they had seen him without a shirt weeks before he died, three weeks before he died, I believe they said.”

They mention this in order to say that they both saw MJ looking great here physically. They both seem very uncertain as to MJ’s physical state later than this; so into their 2 week relationship (1st week of May, 1st week of June after Pfeiffer’s return), Pfeiffer didn’t see MJ unclothed at any other point. That’s some burning “sexual” “sensual” “passionate” relationship there.

Pfeiffer, quotes from the same interview October 2009

“I was Michael Jackson’s boyfriend.”

“There’s lots of different levels of boyfriends, I suppose.”

I’d be interested in hearing what different levels of boyfriends there are.

Perhaps the level “non-existent,” Pfeiffer?

Pfeiffer, August 14 & October 2009, Women’s Day and Extra

“I believe he was probably my soul mate.”

But he wasn’t even really your boyfriend and you could only have possibly been dating each other for about 2 weeks, and you sold a story about him within weeks of his death? True love right here, folks.

Pfeiffer, October 2009, Extra

So, I didn’t need to ask him, “are you gay?” I just assumed that he was probably bisexual.

Klein, May 2 2010, TMZ

Klein told us Saturday, “Was he gay? Yes.”

So Michael was gay, Klein? Was he also gay when you say he had sex with Debbie Rowe?

The gay boyfriend believes Michael was bisexual and the guy who claims Michael had sex with Debbie believes he’s gay. Okay then.

Pfeiffer, October 2009, Extra

“Uh, I would have preferred it to have never come out in the first place. But that really wasn’t my doing.”

You posed for photographs for Women’s Day magazine less than two months after your soul mate died. There were no rumours, no National Enquirer explosive reveals; your interview with Women’s Day was the first mention of this story and then Klein and yourself sitting down with Harvey Levin was when you mentioned it again and this interview supposedly occurred before that too. Also in that time period you were tweeting a happy birthday to Michael on August 30 (I guess you forgot your soul mate’s birthday was actually August 29, but it’s not as if people were throwing street parties about it or anything) which Klein retweeted, Klein also mentioned it in his Ebay ad April 1 2010 and then you both contacted TMZ about it on May 2 2010.

But obviously you had no choice in any of that happening.

Klein, October 2009, Extra

Dr. Klein tells “Extra” he personally witnessed Jackson and Pfeiffer together when he once walked in on them, Jackson allegedly shirtless. “When you see two people looking at each other you know what’s happening. I was just very happy for both of them.”

I’m so glad Klein was available for comment.

Klein, 2 May 2010, TMZ

The next day, Klien called into TMZ live in support of Pfeiffer’s claim, reiterating Michael was gay and Pfeiffer was ‘the love of his life.’

Again, I’m just glad that Klein seems so available to comment on this matter. It’s what I’d want my doctor to do. I wonder when in the 3 weeks Klein/MJ were really together that Michael shared this information with Klein.

3 November 2009 Klein and Pfeiffer wanted to do a joint interview with Harvey Levin

“His assistant, I believe office manager, Jason, and Jason was going to drive [Klein], Jason was going to accompany him here at around 1pm Pacific Time. And I actually spoke to Jason at around 12:15pm and took his lunch order for Arnie Klein and for him and for a couple of other people he said were coming. So we got a call at 1pm saying it’s off and they wouldn’t explain why. Jason wouldn’t come to the phone, Dr Klein wouldn’t come to the phone.”

This is when they both first told Harvey about Pfeiffer’s relationship with Michael. Harvey wouldn’t report it at the time and didn’t mention it until the Extra interview in May 2 2010. Why not…?

Harvey Levin, TMZ, May 2nd 2010

Both Klien and Pfeiffer have claimed Michael made no attempt to hide his sexuality. When TMZ pointed out on Saturday that their claim is not supported by facts Klein stonewalled: “Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality.”

… Because Harvey says their claim is not supported by facts? Interesting, Harvey.

And he wasn’t ashamed of his sexuality, which is why he denied being gay in 1977 twice, in 1984, in 1996, in 2002… etc, as well as making sure he even kept his openly gay relationship a secret from both yourself for a while and from his minders.

Pfeiffer, August 14, Women’s Day

“We had to make sure we were not caught and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time.”

Before who noticed? I thought that Michael was an openly out bisexual/gay man, why would he need to date you in secret and not get caught with you? And he’s talking about this big romantic date from October 2008 which has no proof of having occurred – so that was the only time they’d ever spent together, and it was before their 2 month affair? Okay.

Interestingly, Klein added that his claim was meant to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile.

I don’t even know why this comment should even have to have been made at all; why would Michael’s relationship with a gay man or a woman have any bearing on him also being a pedophile? It sounds as if what he wanted to do was defend the idea about why he was talking about it publicly so much and felt this was a good enough reason to justify it; what he was really doing was shooting down rumors about Michael being a pedophile, this is a positive thing Klein was doing for Michael. Saying Michael Jackson spent his life lying about his sexuality is a positive thing, selling stories about a dead man that have so disturbed his family they’ve banned him from their lives is a good thing.

Pfeiffer, May 2 2010, TMZ

Pfeiffer defended himself saying that his interview was done eight months ago and is being taken out of context.

I’m intrigued by this missing context. Pfeiffer said he was Michael’s boyfriend, that he and Michael were passionate and sexual and sensual and soul mates. What could frame these statements to change any of their meaning? The truth about how it’s a big lie created to sell stories?

Then Pfeiffer and Klein’s friend Paul Camuso said he’d do another interview with Pfeiffer and post it on youtube, he says:

“The hatred is based on what fans believe Jason said in an edited version. Why not let the true story out?”

This interview also didn’t air for unknown reasons and the story has since been dropped by all involved. But I’m still interested in the edited/missing context within that interview. Was the Women’s Day interview and everything Klein said in May also missing context? Maybe one day one of them will be forced into writing a book (Pfeiffer has suggested he wanted to write one; just not discussing his sex life, because it’s non existent) or staging more interviews and posing for photographers and calling Harvey Levin and calling other journalist friends for interviews and will share this information with all of us, I’m sure.

– UPDATE: Klein finally admits the Pfeiffer/MJ affair was a lie.

On his facebook, March 30 2011, Klein says:

Michael was not gay

by Arnold W. Klein on Wednesday,
Michael Jackson’s sexuality? I do not believe at this time there is any evidence to indicate that he was gay. Jason Pfeiffer an ex-emloyee of mine together with a lawyer,my ex-accountant and a shady busines man sold the story of Jason’s so-called affair with Michael to the foreign press as well as the US media. I recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer. I apologize to Michael’s family for any damage this might have caused. Nevertheless, I feel the accusations of Michael’s so called pedophilia forced him to live a tortured life with even his own sister accusing him of this behavior.

And in response to this question:

I have a question, if the Jason Pfeiffer story was false, why did you do the Extra interview?

He responded:

because Extra is a piece of crap. Alicia Jacobs from LV did an interview of Jason and Me. She sold only the piece about Jason to Extra. Only found out Jason made up the tale 6 months ago.

And on 18th April 2011

Allegations about me teaching Murray to give Propofol (i never used it without an anestheologist) or Jason being Michael Jackson’s lover are ridiculous. That story was made up by Paul Camuso who will admit to it.

So all the deductive and obvious reasoning was right, but it’s nice that Klein finally admits to the truth about it, though he still has not admitted to his own role, and why they believed this absurd story would be believed in the first place, or why they sold it. Desperation for money? To detract attention from the sudden interest in his medical practice?

Pfeiffer has since gone on to accuse Klein of a whole host of things, seemingly after going through a truly bad break up with him, after all Klein had been his real lover, and still obsesses over Klein. Perhaps if he also admitted to the truth and his role in selling stories about Jackson he could finally move on with his life; Jackson’s children can only hope so.

– Arnold Klein’s lawsuit against Hoefflin ended in November 2010 in favour of Hoefflin with Klein having to pay his attorney’s fees.

Hoefflin sends a letter to Klein stating these things about Klein based on Michael’s medical records and on an investigation Hoefflin was undertaking into Michael’s death on behalf of the Katherine Jackson

Klein’s lawyer responds stating that the letter is false and that Hoefflin shouldn’t continue publishing these unfactual statements, but nowhere does his lawyer state which things Hoefflin has said are false and no where did he attempt to demonstrate how any of what Hoefflin said was false.

Hoefflin challenged Klein to meet with him and discuss Michael’s medical records and other information Hoefflin had with regards to Michael’s medical history; Klein declined.

It’s deemed that Klein did seek the media to influence the controversy over MJ’s death, I’d assume with comments such as this:

July 7th GMA,

Klein said that although Jackson did not confide to him a complete list of medications he was taking, he did have a talk about dangerous prescription drugs with the King of Pop many years ago.

In the days before OxyContin was available, Klein said Jackson requested an older painkiller that was more potent that even morphine.

“I said, ‘You can’t take that. It’s poison. Throw that in the trash,'” Klein said. “And I got him to throw it in the toilet.”

“But I can’t be there every minute,” he said. “I wish I could have been there every minute of the day.”

Klein said he had sedated Jackson in the past but only with mild drugs during painful treatments.

“There was nothing wrong with the manner I treated Michael, because what I had to do is restructure for an individual who had lupus, who had terrible acne scarring his face,” he said. “But I was not one of the doctors who participated in giving him overdoses of drugs or too much of anything. In fact, I was the one who limited everything, who stopped everything.”

It’s interesting that Hoefflin’s comments to The Sun were not for monetary gain, I’d be interested in finding out if any of Klein’s numerous comments to many news media stations were also unpaid.

Hoefflin has information to back up what he has said; Klein does not counter anything to refute this.

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