Mark Lester Michael Jackson Lies About His Paternity

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1980 – Michael Jackson and Mark Lester speak. This is the only time they speak for a number of years.

2002 Mark Lester and Michael Jackson meet up in person. Jackson already has all three of his children at this point.

6 July 2009 Within weeks of his supposed friend’s death, Mark Lester sells a story to HELLO! magazine about Michael, where he “rubbishes” reports that Jackson is not the biological father of his children.

16th August 2009 Mark Lester’s ex wife Jane Lester, who was married to him at the time he claims he was off donating sperm to superstars, and is the mother of his children, sells a counter story to Lester’s entitled “Is My Ex Husband Mark Lester The Father of Jackson’s Children? No, He’s Completely Nuts”; refuting the idea he was the father in any way of Jackson’s children as the timeline is impossible according to what she knows, and stating that he is simply fame hungry.

Jane tells me that the friendship between her ex and Michael Jackson only truly blossomed after Paris’s birth. She describes Mark Lester as ‘completely nuts’ and says she found the association between her ex-husband and Jackson ‘frankly creepy’.

Jane, whose parting from Lester was acrimonious, says the friendship with Jackson was one of the factors that destroyed her marriage. She believes this was behaviour largely driven by Lester’s ego, as well as his desire to cling to the limelight decades after he returned to obscurity. ‘As soon as he got a whiff of Jackson’s fame, he went ballistic,’ she says.

‘The first real contact the family as a whole ever had was when Jackson came [to the UK] after he had broken his ankle [Jackson had an accident in rehearsals in 2003].

‘Michael only contacted Mark in 2001 and renewed the friendship. There is no way Mark could be Paris’s father, as she was born by then.’

5th May 2013 Mark Lester once again sells a story to The Mirror claiming he is now the father of all three of Michael Jackson’s children and that a DNA test will “prove it.”

He gives an interesting interpretation of his previous claim, now saying that this event supposedly happened sometime in 1996:

Mark said: “I remember Michael ringing and saying, ‘Oh, you don’t have any fertility difficulties do you?’. He was half joking so I joked, ‘Oh, I just look at her and she gets pregnant’.

“So then in a light-hearted way he said, ‘Will you help me out?’. Initially I thought he wanted me to do something with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe and I was thinking, ‘I don’t think so’.

“Then out of the blue about a year later, he mentioned sperm donation and I agreed.

Lester claims all of this took place over the telephone.

This is interesting as the world would only learn that Debbie Rowe was carrying Michael Jackson’s baby in November of 1996, which is also when he married Debbie. This was the only time people became aware of her presence in his life (it took News of the World journalists two months to get her to confess to them that she’d both had sex with Jackson and was carrying his child), so if Mark Lester is involving her as a partner in any way then he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s admitting MJ only sought his precious sperm out after Debbie Rowe was already pregnant and carrying his son Prince. Why would someone seek out a sperm donor when their wife was already carrying their baby?

Lester then claims he did not donate any sperm at the time, but did so a year later – this would be November of 1997. Debbie Rowe was already pregnant with Paris Jackson at this point.

In his own version of events he has shown he can’t keep up both with his own lies and has seemingly has no desire to try and keep up with the dates of the births of his own supposed children.

Two photos of Mark Lester’s white children holding hands with Michael Jackson’s children, taken during winter in London, March 2009:

Notice anything interesting about the difference in skin tones? 

In the meantime Mark Lester attempts to get Michael Jackson’s children’s attention via twitter, his first tweet on his account is in fact to Paris:


Perhaps he’s delusional enough to believe MJ’s children would want anything to do with someone they know to have lied about their father and themselves.

15 June 2013 – Exploiting the tragic events that happened involving 15 year old Paris Jackson, Mark Lester once again sells another story about her, this time saying she can come and stay over with them as his family would be “very” protective over her, while also raising the irrelevant and untrue allegations about her DNA. I’m sure as “protective” as various paid for exploitative and creepy tabloid appearances would allow.

16 June 2013 Debbie Rowe responds to Mark’s claims about being her daughter’s father on twitter:


She also confirms once again what she has always stated, that Jackson is the father of her children:


29th June 2013 Debbie Rowe directly calls Mark Lester out on his lies on twitter:


24th July 2013 – Because he hadn’t made a big enough ass of himself as it was, Lester directs a tweet to Debbie acting as though they just need to talk things over with coffee to settle things. Does he believe he can get her to cosign his lies? Is he that out of touch with reality? Or does he simply believe everyone else on this planet has as little integrity as he does and will say or do anything for money?

Instead, Debbie hands him his ass once again and confirms she’d get a restraining order if he ever tries to cross the ocean. Bizarrely, having no proof of his claims to ever offer, Lester just tries to start blasting Debbie on her mothering skills, likening her to the mother of his own children who didn’t have custody over them – does he not realize the great irony in the fact that he’s claiming Michael’s children for himself and yet Paris has confirmed they don’t want anything to do with him after his lies, and yet Debbie is in contact with them daily? Obviously not.


October 25th 2013 – Almost in time for Halloween, Lester again uses Jackson’s children in some story he has in the papers to get more press. Here he claims that he visited a sperm clinic twice in 1996 in order to donate sperm to Michael, once again confirming he doesn’t understand when Debbie Rowe first became pregnant with a baby, which was in December 1995, which resulted in a miscarriage. But why would he know a personal thing like that?

And he now suddenly claims he has no idea if he really is the father of the children he claimed were his:

“I haven’t got a clue. And it doesn’t really matter because Michael was the father as far as I’m concerned. He brought the children up from the day they were born so it’s irrelevant really whether he was the biological father or not.”

So irrelevant he’s only just sold story after story about it, including right after the tragic circumstances of Paris’ attempted suicide. Why did he attempt to contact Debbie about this if he believed it was “irrelevant”? 

And just as disgusting as Matt Fiddes, he exposes the reasons behind why he felt he could get away with it:

“He clearly isn’t [the natural father] because he was black and the children are white and if you mix black and white you get mixed ***e, not white.”

Yes, that’s how it works, every child with one white and one black parent results in a light brown coloring. Here are some other biracial famous people:


And suddenly, not only is he half hearted about being the biological parent of children he has demanded money to claim he was the father of, but he now states that there were loads of other random men who could be the father, as if Jackson was creating his own sperm bank of irrelevant creepy white men’s sperm, and Mark Lester literally just starts naming people who MJ was friends with as potential fathers:

Asked to name other potential candidates Lester says: “I don’t know. They were suggesting Macaulay Culkin [the child star of Home Alone] but I think that’s unlikely. There’s his dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein. Sir Paul McCartney was even suggested and possibly Uri Geller, I don’t know.”

Truly, very normal. I’m baffled as to why the Jacksons wouldn’t want you near their children with a barge pole.

He claims that it was Debbie’s ex boyfriend who told him  to leave them alone, proving how easily he lies, as though nobody else can see that it was Debbie directly who he tried engaging with, and he starts trying to act as though everyone else around the children are “schemers” and he is just totally in to this tabloid relationship for non self interested reasons:

“I got in touch with their mother,” he said. “I spoke to her via one of her ex-boyfriends and basically she just told me to take a running jump really. They’re all so scheming and it drives me bananas. I just want to say hello and remind Paris that my three daughters were very fond of her and Prince and Blanket and that they’re there if she ever needs to have a chat. Nothing else. They’re just all so wrapped up in schemes and things that they are always thinking the worst of everyone.”

Yes, why would they think the worst of someone who has proven to have lied and schemed and sold stories about them to the British tabloids? What sane person wouldn’t want such a decent moral person in their vulnerable children’s lives?

24th November 2013 – Conrad Murray sells a story to the Sunday Daily Mail about Michael, fabricating many details about Jackson’s life for profit, and much like Matt Fiddes, seems to be cannibalizing other tabloid stories as his own in order to make himself sound like an insider (raising the question, if you’re needing to steal tabloid stories and invent others, how much of an “insider” were you?). One of those stories he seems to have stolen is that from Mark Lester, who claimed earlier Jackson had been too disgusted to have sex with Debbie and so needed his sacred sperm in order to get her pregnant (the lack of common sense in Jackson seeking to impregnate a woman he found so repulsive is missing in people; but then, people seem to insist that if a story sounds irrational it’s because Jackson was, and not that the story is clearly fictional); Debbie has recently insisted again both that she had sex with Jackson (“we made love”), and that her children are biracial, “and they love it.” If any proof needs to be given of how tabloid myths come to be in Jackson’s life, Mark Lester, Fiddes and Murray would be the definitive sources. I’m sure Lester is thrilled to pieces he’s now in the same league of liars that a convicted killer is and is used to fluff out his stories. Well done. Gee, why is it that Jackson’s kids don’t want to know you, Lester?

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