Stacy Mcmahan Brown’s Lies; Michael Jackson; New York Post; Man Behind The Mask; Bob Jones

December 6, 2013


Stacy Brown positions himself as a “Jackson family friend”; a “Jackson insider”; and someone with definitive gripping knowledge of the inner workings of Michael Jackson’s life, especially pertaining to anything allegedly strange and deviant, which unsurprisingly, he ensures he gets paid to speak about. The reality is very different. Stacy Brown was either a relative […]

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Michael Jackson Rehab Interventions vs Family Concert Tours

August 12, 2013


This is a timeline of the conflicting stories about “interventions” by the Jackson family, and also the attempts they made to recruit him into tours during the same period, intending to show the overlap between the two; if they accuse AEG of putting undue pressure on Jackson it would seem they were guilty of the […]

Mark Lester Michael Jackson Lies About His Paternity

May 5, 2013


1980 – Michael Jackson and Mark Lester speak. This is the only time they speak for a number of years. 2002 Mark Lester and Michael Jackson meet up in person. Jackson already has all three of his children at this point. 6 July 2009 Within weeks of his supposed friend’s death, Mark Lester sells a […]

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Scott Thorson and Michael Jackson

May 1, 2012


1977 – Aged 19 Scott Thorson claims in his palimony lawsuit against Liberace that their affair began here. 1979– In 2004 he claims he met Michael in Vegas because Michael meets Liberace, Michael was performing his Destiny tour with the Jacksons this year, and I can’t find any dates with him in Vegas. 30th June […]

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Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson Lies Over Blanket’s Biology

April 19, 2012


– October 19th 1999 – Matt Fiddes stages a show at his martial arts center using a Michael Jackson impersonator, but someone reports to the press that it was Michael, “When asked why Jackson would have a yen for Barnstaple, Regan surmised, “Michael is keen on karate, and it could be [him] because world martial […]

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Arnold Klein

January 30, 2011


– In the weeks prior to his death Michael was publicly seen visiting Dr Klein’s office on many occasions (Seen at his office: 2008: October 23, 27, December 19, 31, 2009:   January 7, 14, 29, February 5 & 11, March 12, 19, 23 April: 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 25, […]

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

January 30, 2011


Summary of Shmuley’s Relationship With Michael Jackson – Stole $259,432 from a charity that was part of Michael’s Heal The World Foundation – Blocked from having his own pulpit in the UK after the British Charitable Commission investigated him for fraud, again was reported to have stolen about $250,000, but this amount he was forced […]