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Stacy Brown positions himself as a “Jackson family friend”; a “Jackson insider”; and someone with definitive gripping knowledge of the inner workings of Michael Jackson’s life, especially pertaining to anything allegedly strange and deviant, which unsurprisingly, he ensures he gets paid to speak about.

The reality is very different. Stacy Brown was either a relative or friend of Rebbie Jackson’s husband, Nathaniel Brown. Through Nathaniel, Stacy was able to meet the Jacksons a few times, and only able to see Michael from a distance once or twice.

To begin with, Stacy had nothing but positive things to say about the Jacksons. But, ever a vulture, he would use his tenuous connection to Michael to scour Michael Jackson internet forums in the late 90s where he would try to pick up young female fans. He would tell them things like the fact that Michael and Lisa Marie Presley were still having an affair after their divorce, which Lisa Marie has since confirmed, though of course Stacy would never reveal such a thing now, as he recognizes it would serve to contradict his entire anti-Jackson and “pro pedophile” career.

Some of these fans have shared their stories:


When he was still on the Jackson’s side he even attempted to contact people around Jordan Chandler, which included Josephine Zohny, a student who attended NYU with Jordan and had heard first hand that Jordan had said Jackson was innocent and was on Jackson’s witness list should he have testified and claimed otherwise (of course Jordan instead just threatened the prosecution with legal action if they were to force him to testify). She had this to say after he would sell his book in 2005:

I take issue with Stacy Brown, especially, as he called me constantly during early 2004 – trying to get in touch with Jordan Chandler (now that Michael Jackson’s trial is over, I have no problem saying I went to school with him at NYU). Stacy was under the impression that I was Jordan’s girlfriend (*gag* *vomit*) because somebody who shall remain nameless thought she could get in with MJ’s “camp” by indirectly leading them to Jordan. I told Stacy that I wasn’t his girlfriend, merely an acquaintance who went to school, had classes with him and heard him say certain things…although he pushed me to say more. Stacy was nothing but effusive in his praise of Michael Jackson at the time. Of course, he was also trying to get a story and he wasn’t going to get anything out of me by bashing Michael, but everything he said then is a far cry from everything he’s spewing now. That smacks of a lack of integrity. Feel free to tell him so if you feel the same way – his email is

Testifying in Jackson’s 2005 trial, Stacy Brown and Bob Jones had been prepared to claim to witness Jackson had behaved inappropriately with a child for a book deal, an event to which Jones would admit he’d be “lying” if he claimed had actually happened, and which Brown admitted Jones had only been prepared to say when he was “broke” –  Brown would go on to change his stance in 2004 and would begin to collaborate on an anti-Jackson book with fired and admittedly “broke” and bitter employee Bob Jones.

Bob Jones was in charge of public relations of Michael Jackson between 1987 and 2004. He started to work on a book about Jackson entitled The Man Behind The Mask with Brown as a co-writer in January, 2004, about two months after Jackson’s arrest for the Arvizo case. When Jackson’s brother Randy got wind of it, he fired him on June 9, 2004. Though Jones would admit on the witness stand he “seldom” spent time with Jackson on a personal basis, the book was of course filled with salacious innuendo about Jackson and about any number of negative things, most of which he claimed he’d only heard third hand.

According to Stacy Brown’s testimony when they started to write the book Jones told him that he was broke and he needed money. Both Jones and Brown admitted that the more sensationalized a book is the easier it is to promote and sell it. In 2004, while Jackson was preparing for his trial, the hot topic about him was, of course, the allegations of child molestation. Under these circumstances Jones and Brown included innuendo in their book in that direction, even though, as he admitted on the stand in 2005, that Jones had never witnessed Jackson molest anyone. Neither did Brown.

At the time, the Arvizo allegations were all over the press, and one of their claims was that Jackson had licked Gavin Arvizo’s head on a plane full of people. The only witnesses to this supposed event were conveniently his mother Janet and brother Star, who both gave contradictory and odd statements about this incident to the police, grand jury and then the jury in 2005, with descriptions which included the fact that Michael Jackson apparently had a “long white tongue”.

At the time of the trial the book was not published yet, but the manuscript contained an allegation which conveniently also consisted of a claim that Jackson had licked the side of Jordan Chandler’s head while on a flight full of people, though this had not even been a claim Jordan Chandler or June or any other witness would ever make. In his testimony Jones admitted that on the plane Jordan’s mother June Chandler was seated so that she could see Jordan and Jackson.

The prosecution wanted to try to establish a “pattern” with the head licking story, and by bringing in Jones’ story the prosecutors apparently tried to suggest that Jackson had a habit of licking children’s head in airplanes full of other people with even the children’s parents being present, and that this was some kind of grooming method he had with children (I wish I were joking). After he had been subpoenaed Jones would suddenly claim he had never actually seen Jackson act improper with anyone (funny how a subpoena does that to people); Stacy Brown was then brought on to impeach Jones, and claim that he had heard Jones claim this event had happened.

This allegation of the head licking were first made by Jones in an e-mail he wrote to Brown on October 30, 2004 and they included it in the manuscript of their book, but when testifying under oath Jones admitted that even though he’d been willing to claim this, he actually did not remember ever witnessing such an incident and did not remember Jackson ever licking Jordan’s head: “I don’t recall ever seeing any head licking, and I made that as adamant as I could”, said Jones on the stand.

On cross-examination Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau showed that in an interview Jones had with the prosecutors on April 7, 2005 (four days before his court testimony) Jones was asked: “Um, did you see Mr Jackson engage in any head licking in the World Music Awards?”, and Jones’ reaction was: “No, no, no”. And then he was asked: “Um, did you see Mr. Jackson engage in any head licking of anybody?” and he answered: “Never”. About the alleged head licking on the plane Jones said: “I just don’t remember and I would be lying to say that I did”.

Bob Jones would admit on the witness stand that Stacy Brown had been urging him to include sensationalized stories, and even stories which Jones had not stated himself.

Cross-examination of BOB JONES (April 11 2005)

3 Q. And you told the prosecutor you had written
4 the words at the bottom of the page that refer to
5 licking, right?
6 A. Uh-huh.
7 Q. And is it your testimony that you have not
8 approved the accuracy of that statement?
9 A. That is correct.

He would admit that Stacy had been urging him to sensationalize things:

4 Q. And would you agree when you’re working with
5 a co-writer and a publisher to prepare a book about
6 Michael Jackson, there’s pressure to make things
7 sensational when you can, right?
8 A. Yes.
9 Q. And your publisher and others want a book
10 that can sell, correct?
11 A. My co-writer [STACY BROWN]. The publisher wasn’t involved
12 in that particular end of it.

He would claim he even had to edit around Stacy’s words:

13 Q. Okay. And do you then typically correct or
14 change what you think is either inaccurate or
15 inappropriate?

16 A. Oh, I’ve changed millions of things that
17 were inaccurate that I didn’t say.

Stacy Brown was then brought on the stand to impeach his own co-writer, but would be forced to admit that Jones had only claimed to witness this head licking after he was broke:


10 Q. Mr. Brown, what I think the prosecutor just
11 elicited is the following: When he[BOB JONES] was broke, he
12 said there was licking. And when he didn’t have
13 financial problems, he said there wasn’t any, right
14 A. Well, if that’s how you —
15 Q. Right?
16 A. — break it down, yeah, I guess.
17 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you.
18 MR. AUCHINCLOSS: No further question.

Bob Jones would try to post on internet message boards during Jackson’s jury deliberations, positing himself as a Jackson “insider”, and not disclosing his real identity. He would claim, of course, suggestive things about Jackson and molestation, being careful not to claim to witnessing anything himself but making sure he endorsed the book he was writing. One of his most ridiculous claims was that the biological father of all three of Jackson’s children was Macaulay Culkin.

Stacy’s revisionist history about this testimony: Stacy Brown, seemingly confused over the fact that we know the reasons for why he testified, would claim in 2011 that in reality he’d been subpoenaed because they’d tried to make another Jackson family member testify against Michael, and the ever helpful and heroic Stacy, would claim that in order to save this family member’s marriage, he had stepped up in his place instead. It’s as though he doesn’t understand that we know full well that the only reason he testified in 2005 was to impeach Bob Jones over the Jordan Chandler head-licking event – something which nobody else would need to be involved with, certainly not a Jackson who had nothing to do with Jordan or this airplane trip.

The family member he’s suggesting he testified in place of was Rebbie’s husband Nathaniel Brown, who had very minimal contact with Jackson, and who would have had nothing to do with Jone’s claims of head licking.

What is even more tragic about these allegations from Stacy was that he made them as Nathaniel Brown was dying of cancer. [Source] He recognized Nathaniel would be unable to refute them, and so seized upon it.

“Man Behind The Mask” – Here is an accurate breakdown of many of the silly stories and fabrications from this book, easily debunked with actual credible information.

Stacy Brown’s affiliation with the two juror’s and his plagiarism of Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair hit pieces – In August 2005, after being offered a six figure deal, jurors Eleanor Cooke and Ray Hultman, suddenly announced that they were each going to write books about how they thought that Jackson was guilty and that they had been “bullied” into acquitting him. Fellow jurors slammed the pair two months after the verdict, calling them ‘traitors’ and claiming that their allegations were ‘ridiculous’. The two juror’s would later admit that they had been encouraged to sensationalize their story.It would appear that Jackson vulture Stacy Brown, had headed straight to them in order to collaborate on this book deal. However, they would then sue their publisher to get out of the deal claiming they had been taken advantage of, and they would also sue Stacy Brown, as he had outright plagiarized Maureen Orth’s hit pieces for Vanity Fair for this proposed book. Perhaps he had felt plagiarizing her work was fair play, as he and Jones had been a source for much of it:

Hultman claims he was shocked when media reports surfaced Aug. 19 that his book proposal contained plagiarized material from a Vanity Fair magazine article. In the lawsuit, Hultman blames Brown for allegedly plagiarizing the documents, and alleges that his reputation and deal was damaged by the alleged act.

“(Hultman) was caused to expend substantial time in writing portions of a book proposal which turned out to be valueless give the aforementioned plagiary; suffered extreme mental and emotional distress and damage to his reputation after being publicly accused of plagiarism and therefore lack of integrity, and suffered a substantial diminution, if not a complete loss of the value of his literary and film rights arising out of his service as a juror in the Jackson trial.”

The publisher would state the person who had written the plagiarized portions of the book, who was clearly Stacy, had been fired:

Larry Garrison, the film producer who is shopping the book, offered a different explanation: “The person who wrote that part has since been fired from the project. That was an older version of the proposal.”

Though later on in 2011 Stacy would admit he did have some contact with them, but of course his version of events portrays himself once again as a helpless victim:

When two of those jurors contacted me after the trial to ask me to write a book, saying that they were forced to vote not guilty, I told them to get lost and that I wouldn’t do it.

In 2006 a book proposal allegedly written by Jermaine Jackson, and co-written by Stacy Brown, would suddenly circulate in the media – The proposal was attributed to Jermaine and included shocking claims, one being that Jackson had behaved inappropriately with his nephews, Tito’s children, Taj, TJ and Taryll. The claim was that after their mother’s murder in 1994 that Jackson had put his arms around all three of them on a bed in a way which he described as shocking:

“I remember Michael sitting on the bed with Tito’s boys, crying and holding them. He held them in an almost uncomfortable manner. The entire house was shaken.”

This would be an entirely bizarre – and once again actually amusing – claim to make, as in 1994, Taj was 21, Taryll was 19 and TJ was 16. Was Jackson supposed to have put his arms around all three grown men at the same time in a scandalous manner? Perhaps it is alarming that Jackson had arms capable of such a feat. It would seem Brown hadn’t bothered to look up their dates of birth before cribbing together this story, not realizing that they were too old to try and suggest Jackson had been set to prey on them.

Jackson’s nephews have always been very close to Jackson and have been very vocally supportive of their uncle. Taj would even admit that Jackson had supported him after he had been sexually abused by a relative on his mother’s side of the family. The fact this story was included seemed to back up the reality that Jermaine had not been involved in writing this, as it would be hard to believe he’d try and suggest something so ridiculous.

Here’s a video of Taj, TJ and Tarryl with their uncle in Japan two years before 1994, where you can see how fully grown these guys were:

Jermaine Jackson would call Stacy Brown a liar, and state that though they had collaborated on a book together 3 years earlier, that it contained none of the allegations which Stacy claimed they did – a fact bolstered by the fact that Stacy claimed this book proposal had been rejected in 2003, as though any publisher would ever have turned down a negative book about Jackson by his own brother. At the time Stacy would suggest that he had a tape of Jermaine speaking about Michael this way for the manuscript, though conveniently he was never able to produce it.

Stacy would specifically claim in one interview that his lawyer was in possession of these supposed tapes:

They are currently in the possession and being reviewed by Mel Sachs, who–who–he and I have talked and we will be launching a very aggressive slander suit against Jermaine Jackson.

However his own lawyer would contradict this and state he was still waiting to be given these tapes:

Sachs confirmed Brown had contacted him about possible legal action against Jermaine. “I’m awaiting the tapes and I plan to review them. We are consulting,” said the high-powered lawyer, who has repped notables such as Mike Tyson and Derek Jeter.

Of course, no such slander suit against Jermaine was ever carried out and no tapes were ever produced to back up these claims.

The publisher’s themselves would back up Jermaine and state that the manuscript they had been presented with was nothing like the one being shopped by Stacy Brown:

Laurie Liss, the literary agent who ShowBiz411 said shopped the proposal to several publishing houses, told ABC News the material online is nothing she has ever seen, pitched or represented. Stacy Brown did not respond to’s repeated requests for comment.

In 2011 Stacy Brown would ADMIT Jermaine had been telling the truth, calling the circulated manuscript “fabrications and lies” and that “I did not have tapes of anything bad” – He would claim that their project had been “sabotaged” and that someone else had inserted in all the scandalous parts to the story:

“Jermaine’s “Legacy” project with me was NOT a damaging book about Michael. Things got blown out of proportion because Jermaine didn’t think. When he and I worked on the project, it was sabotaged. Someone had duped our copy with another copy that contained fabrications and lies. They didn’t want a positive book.

Stacy would bizarrely claim Jermaine should have been on his side about the whole thing:

To be honest, I got so upset because Jermaine should have known what the media was doing but instead he choose to attack me.

Though he would admit that he had deliberately stated something provocative in order to make it seem like it had been true:

I was on a program with Brian Oxman who was saying inaccurate and unfair things so I said to Brian during the broadcast: “What if I had tapes?” and the media ran with the idea that I had tapes.

As though it were not known he had tried to claim his lawyer was in possession of them already.

He would also claim that the manuscript had been sabotaged by Jermaine’s then girlfriend Lawanda Lane.

Jermaine did indeed want to write a positive book and it was indeed sabotaged – but he knows it wasn’t me who sabotaged it. Jermaine’s money-hungry girlfriend changed the manuscript and he and I were left holding the bag.

It would seem in Stacy Brown’s world everyone is out to sabotage and frame him for things that he seems perfectly willing to do and claim anyway.

March 2008 his story claiming all the Jacksons were broke – Continuing with his obsession with the Jacksons, Stacy would now claim that they were all broke, with one of his claims being that Marlon Jackson was working as a box boy at a grocery store, something which has never been true, but thanks to Stacy is a lie that seems to persist. One of his other claims was a quote he attributed to Jackson’s manager Frank Dileo, who immediately reacted and called Stacy Brown out on this, stating he’d never said what was claimed; Stacy would suddenly conveniently claim that this quote was supposed to have been attributed to Bob Jones, who had passed away already.

His shoddy journalism seems to be unrestricted to only his obsession with the Jacksons – While writing for the Scranton Times, readers there would also question Stacy’s journalism practices-

He interviewed me for that story and he was given “KEY FACTS” in order to give the readers a very clear view of what was actually going on. None of it made it into the story.


Word on the street is that Brown is getting the beatdown from the Lynetts over his unchecked reporting. Now there are tons of Brown articles out there that are so filled with lies that the paper itself makes for an easy target in the next election. Nice job Brown, ya’ shoudda stayed in California with Michael Jackson. You’re about to find out how unfriendly good ole’ Scranton can be.


Stacy Brown’s work reminds me of things evil. Has that man never heard of Kharma? If my husband was doing the evil things that he is doing, I say to him, “Are you not concerned about bringing five generations of bad luck and condemnation to our family?” I guess conscience is not an issue with Mr. Brown, but the Chief Editor upstairs is watching.


Stacy Brown makes Lynn Shelock look uncompromised…that s hard to DO…Stacy…dear god man how did you father children without nuts? Medical Marvel…

July 5th 2009 – Of course, within days of Jackson’s death, Stacy Brown would once again try to reclaim his pole position as some kind of “insider”, this time with an amusing story that he knew for a fact that Michael had died due to a heroin addiction, featuring entirely made up accounts detailing his knowledge of this addiction (all of which were proven false when Jackson’s autopsy was released):

According to biographer Stacy Brown, the Thriller singer shot the deadly drug into his fingertips, chest and even toenails in a desperate bid to beat depression.

“It was regularly discussed by those around him, he could die at any time,” Stacy told British tabloid The People. “He was shooting heroin into his fingertips, toenails and chest.

“He was taking painkillers too but I don’t think he knew just how dangerous it was.”

The singer got hooked on heroin in 1992 and used it until at least 2005, when he faced trial on child-sex charges.

“There was nothing anyone could do – they felt it was like talking to a brick wall,” added Stacy, who wrote Jackson’s lifestory The Man Behind The Mask.

“Initially it was to cure the pain he was in but he got hooked,” Stacy said, adding that Jackson only wanted “clean” heroin and relied on aides to get it.

“There were plenty of people who wanted to please him so they did the running,” the biographer said.

“Michael would never have risked going out and picking up the drugs himself.”

14th July 2009, Stacy Brown would give a well circulated story claiming that Debbie Rowe had dropped any parental claims to her children for $3-4 million dollars

“One family member said three million dollars, another said five million. My guess is that it will be somewhere in between,” Stacy Brown, who was described as a Jackson family confidante, told ABC.

This story was entirely untrue, Debbie neither sought nor received any financial compensation in 2009, nor did she ever seek full custody of the children. This story isn’t even plausible on the grounds that neither the Jacksons or the estate could ever have been capable of paying such a fee. Debbie maintains her parental rights and visitation access.

In 2012 Brown would face felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from theft and bad checks in Cumberland County.

According to court records, Brown was charged with felony criminal attempt to theft by deception, misdemeanor theft by deception and misdemeanor bad checks on April 27 after Upper Allen Township Police allege that on Feb. 15, Brown issued a check from his own Scranton Times Downtown Federal Credit Union account and deposited it into his Members First Federal Credit Union account for $4,215. He then withdrew $620.57 prior to the check being returned as “account closed.” According to an affidavit of probable cause, he admitted to issuing the check during an interview on March 15.

After this, in 2012 Stacy would be fired from the Sentinel paper after he was caught engaging in a scam to dupe a local businessman and the paper itself.

The Carlisle Sentinel newspaper says it fired reporter Stacy Brown after a hotel manager alleged that Brown scammed him over a concert that never took place.

The paper reports on its website today:

“Hotel Carlisle Manager Farouk Hegazi emailed a complaint Monday afternoon to the district attorney’s office and copied it to the corporate offices of Sentinel parent company Lee Enterprises. In it, Hegazi claimed Brown had run a scam, using a concert that was supposed to feature Damon Harris and the Temptations Oct. 27 at the Hotel Carlisle and Embers Convention Center in Carlisle.

“That concert as promoted to the public did not take place as planned, and Hegazi says Brown used his position as a reporter for The Sentinel to attempt to collect payment after Harris didn’t show up.”

The claims would be consistent with his previous journalism tactics and his consistent behavior in lying, fabricating stories, events, people, places, sources, etc:

A former Sentinel reporter relied on several layers of subterfuge to dupe a local businessman and the newspaper itself.

The lengths undertaken by Stacy M. Brown, 43, of Carlisle, to concoct this ruse include:

• Emails written by people who apparently do not exist.

• Phone numbers that are disconnected, wrong numbers or lead to voicemails with no identifying information.

• Use of his position as a reporter to leverage funds from a business, which believed it was paying for a legitimately produced concert featuring Damon Harris and the Temptations.

The emails reveal that Brown attempted to further his ruse by using his RTJP email account to contact himself on a personal account, making it look like a two-way conversation setting up the concert, as well as dealing with the fallout.

Brown began emailing RTJP saying they should concede to Hegazi and pay him back, then posing as “MCM” sent an email to himself on his personal account stating that Damon Harris had died from cancer, which was unfounded.

The desperation becomes palpable when Brown’s company, RTJP, threatened Hegazi and Brown with legal action involving the state attorney general and the county district attorney. He also threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau.

In October 2013 and after Wade Robson’s allegations Stacy would again try to reassert his “insider” status regarding the allegations for more money and fame in a piece in the New York Post –

Stacy would continue to make the same easily debunkable claims, such as in this imagined conversation between him and Katherine Jackson:

I said, “Well, there was a time that he had little Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster.”
“That was just for show, for the cameras,” Katherine said. “Those boys he flies around with ain’t nothing but little Jews.”
The question I desperately wanted to ask but did not was, “Well, would you rather him *molest little black boys?”

It would seem as though Emmanuel Lewis has no idea this was purely for show, as he has stated:

He has said that his family had even invited Jackson to stay with them for weeks at a time after the Pepsi burn incident in January 1984, and refuted the old story that his mother had been against their friendship, saying that his entire family had always been close with Michael:

He would remain a friend to Jackson throughout his entire life, was on the set of many of his later videos like The Way You Make Me Feel in 1987, was there as Neverland was being built, and would still be seen with him in public like when he attended an Immunization Drive on May 5th 1993 with Jackson, when he was 22 years old:


Perhaps he isn’t aware of what Jordan Chandler looks like either, Jordan is the dark skinned man on the right of this photo:


Funnily enough, Jordan is also the only Jewish boy I can think of associated with Jackson (Jordan’s father Evan is Jewish; his mother is biracial). Spence, Safechuck, Brett (who is also not white), Wade, Macaulay, the Arvizo’s (hispanic), are not Jewish, so I’m not entirely sure what fabricated version of Jackson and his fictional obsession with Jewish boys he’s speaking about.

His most staggeringly amusing claim was this:

“Jermaine, they got all of our things,” she said. The family had lost a civil judgment over a failed concert tour, and creditors took a storage locker full of memorabilia, including gold records.
“They got the letters, too, and those canceled checks,” Katherine said.
Normally I didn’t ask questions, but I had to ask what she was talking about. “The letters,” she said, as if I were supposed to know.
Jermaine completed the sentence for her, “Those letters in which mother called Michael a *f—–.”

Now, most reasonable people would wonder: why on earth would Michael Jackson or the Jackson family keep these canceled cheques paying off families? If they had ever existed, why would you want to keep these things for nostalgia’s sake and not immediately destroy them? And why on earth keep such letters where Katherine had said things like that to Michael?

And what reason would they be in possession of them to begin with, when they claimed Katherine had sent them to Michael? Did she send them to him and then because he was so fond of them he kindly sent them back to her for safe keeping?

Not to mention why these cheques were supposedly cancelled to begin with? If he’s paying off families with hush money, why is he also cancelling cheques to them? What narrative is this meant to be working with?

What it would seem as though Stacy Brown is trying to refer to is a storage vault owned by the Jacksons which was claimed by creditors in 1999 [Source]. The majority of the items inside belonged to the other Jacksons, mainly Tito, his three sons, and the other siblings, with only a small number of items belonging to Michael and Janet. As always, it would seem Stacy had no idea we already knew all the contents of these vaults already, to the degree that the prosecution in 2005 had an account of them.

In 2004 every single item inside this vault had been specifically made available to the prosecution by Henry Vaccaro, who seemed keen to flaunt this collection as publicly as possible in order to bolster their value, and would directly hand them over to prosecutor Sneddon himself:


The only remotely scandalous items he could find in the vault were things like underwear which may have been Jackson’s, as though it were criminal to own your own underwear, a drawing of a cartoon child, and things like a post it note Jackson had written to the mother of Taj, TJ and Taryll, which linked to an article regarding sexual abuse in families which he urged her to read. Something we would later find out had been written because Jackson had been supporting Taj through the sexual abuse he’d experienced by an uncle on his mother’s side of the family. So basically, nothing remotely of value to the prosecution. All these items were made available to the prosecution through 2004-2005, and nowhere among them has it ever been claimed that letters or cheques existed. Diane Dimond has even been forced to admit that there had been nothing incriminating found.

Instead once again Stacy Brown has proven that he is an eager and willing pathological liar who cribs together Jackson stories using bits and pieces of gossip about him from various other easily disproven tabloid sources that he then exaggerates and fills in to make as scandalous as he requires.

You have to wonder, if Michael Jackson was such a criminal mastermind and deviant and there’s so much evidence about this around, then why are the people who insist on selling stories about this always forced into using stories which can be easily proven to be entirely made up?

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